June 20, 2024

ACEN and YEC Receive Approval for 150 MW Solar Project in Western Australia

The Western Australian government has approved ACEN Australia and Yindjibarndi Energy Corporation (YEC) for their inaugural 150-megawatt solar project.

Australia's Future Largest Renewable Energy Projects

YEC has obtained environmental approval for the solar farm, which is the initial project in a portfolio of three, totaling 3GW of clean energy. The solar farm will be situated within the 13,000-square-kilometre Yindjibarndi Native Title Determination Area in the Pilbara.

The proposed projects could have the potential to rank among Australia's largest renewable energy developments once completed. YEC's project plans indicate that the Jinbi project also includes the option to develop a co-located battery energy storage system (BESS).

Western Australia Aims to Become Renewable Energy Powerhouse 

Climate Action Minister Reece Whitby expressed his desire for Western Australia to become a "renewable energy powerhouse." He highlighted that the Green Energy Approvals Initiative is designed to provide the necessary market incentives to help the state achieve this goal.

"I envision Western Australia becoming a renewable energy leader, emphasizing the need to streamline processes and expedite clean energy projects. These initiatives have the potential to decarbonize our state’s energy systems, generate jobs for Aboriginal Australians, and promote renewable energy adoption in the Pilbara region. I eagerly anticipate the realization of Yindjibarndi Energy Corporation’s proposals." Whitby said.

Optimizing Renewable Energy Approvals in Western Australia

The State government, under the guidance of the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation's green energy directorate, has worked closely with various agencies to create an optimal approvals process for this and other renewable energy projects advancing in Western Australia.

The Western Australian government’s website describes the initiative as a “cross-government collaboration aimed at expediting environmental approvals for renewable energy projects while preserving the unique biodiversity of Western Australia.”

The initiative is encouraging investment in wind and solar power generation, renewable hydrogen industries, lithium mining, critical minerals processing, and the manufacturing of batteries, electrolysers, solar panels, and wind turbines.

The approval of ACEN and YEC's solar project signifies a significant advancement towards achieving Western Australia's renewable energy objectives, contributing to both local economic development and sustainable energy transition efforts.

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