June 26, 2024

Aquaserv Saves €210,000 Power Bills Through Solar Energy

Restart Energy has installed two solar power plants for Aquaserv, valued at over €600,000, which will be regained in about three years. With a combined capacity of 928 kW, these solar projects are located on the roof and ground in Tulcea.

Capacity of the Solar Projects

Restart Energy has completed the building and installation of two photovoltaic projects for Aquaserv worth over €600,000. These projects, which cover a total area of 11,332 square meters with panels installed on both rooftops and the ground, will cut Aquaserv's energy costs by more than €210,000 annually and pay for themselves in about three years.

The two photovoltaic plants, comprising 1,703 panels across 11,332 square meters, will generate 1,096 MWh annually, cutting the beneficiary company's energy costs by over €210,000 annually. These solar panels will also decrease CO2 emissions by approximately 361 tons and radioactive waste by 3.4 kg each year. The projects, with a combined capacity of 928 kW, are installed on both rooftops and the ground in Tulcea.

With a combined capacity of 928 kWp, the plants generate 1096 MWh per year, reducing CO2 emissions by over 361 tons and radioactive waste by 3.4 kg annually. To date, Restart Energy has completed over 150 PV projects, installing more than 50 MW, which produces 20.54 GWh annually and avoids 13,411 tons of CO2 emissions.

The RED platform, launched in 2021, will monitor carbon emission reductions from solar energy projects. This platform is a marketplace for calculating carbon footprints, reducing carbon through sustainability projects, and offsetting carbon emissions. It allows for the sale of green attributes and carbon credits in a secure, transparent process to reduce emissions and enhance ESG policies.

Reducing Operational Costs for Big Consumers

Valentin C. Ifrim, General Manager of Aquaserv S.A., highlights that investing in photovoltaic panels significantly reduces operational costs, particularly for large energy consumers. He emphasizes the goal of expanding energy generation capacity for both financial benefits and environmental responsibility.

“Investing in photovoltaic panels results in significant cost savings, particularly for businesses that use a lot of electricity,” Valentin remarked. “We seek to enhance our energy generation capacity, both for the immediate financial advantage and because we wish to act properly towards the environment and support a sustainable future.”

Armand Domuța, CEO & Founder of Restart Energy, adds that their sustainable energy projects support partners in developing resilience strategies, reducing energy and bureaucratic costs, and promoting energy efficiency and decarbonization, thereby contributing to sustainable business growth.

“Through sustainable energy projects, we help our partners and clients develop an effective resilience strategy in a volatile business environment. Our mission is to reduce energy and bureaucratic costs so that our partners can benefit from increased energy efficiency and the positive effects of decarbonisation. Thus we contribute to the sustainable growth and development of their business,” Domuța stated.

Restart Energy oversaw the entire energy efficiency project for Aquaserv, handling everything from consulting and design to implementation.

Other Solar Projects

In January 2021, Restart Energy entered into a partnership with the American fund Interlink Capital Strategies from Washington, DC, to finance the development of 500 MW of renewable projects in Romania by 2025, aiming to supply 100% locally produced green energy to all end customers.

In February 2021, Restart Energy launched Romania’s first convertible green bond issue, listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange with the code REO26. In June 2024, Restart Energy signed a RON 56 million connection contract with Transelectrica for a 500 MW photovoltaic park.

This park will provide green energy to over 200,000 households, generate more than 800,000 MWh annually, and reduce carbon emissions by approximately 400,000 tons per year, avoiding 12 million tons of CO2 over the project's lifetime, with environmental benefits exceeding $1 billion.

Restart Energy's solar power projects for Aquaserv deliver significant financial savings and environmental benefits, cutting energy costs by €210,000 annually and reducing CO2 emissions. These initiatives underscore Restart Energy's commitment to advancing renewable energy and promoting sustainability in Romania.

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