July 3, 2024

Argentina Approves MSU Green Energy’s 15 MW Solar Park

Argentina's Minister of Energy has approved MSU Green Energy to operate as an electricity generator in the wholesale electricity market (MEM) under Resolution 122/2024. This authorization applies to MSU Green Energy's 15 MW photovoltaic park in Ingeniero Juárez, Matacos department, Formosa province.

MSU Green Energy's 15 MW Solar Park in Ingeniero Juárez

MSU Green Energy has launched a pioneering 15 MW photovoltaic park in Ingeniero Juárez, located in the Matacos department of Formosa province, Argentina. Spanning 30 hectares, the park features 25,800 solar panels, marking a significant step towards sustainable energy solutions in the region.

The newly operational park is set to substantially impact the environment, reducing approximately 17,400 tons of CO2 emissions annually. This milestone underscores MSU Green Energy's commitment to combatting climate change through renewable energy initiatives.

With its 15 MW installed capacity, the solar park is poised to supply clean electricity to approximately 11,000 households in the surrounding area. This achievement contributes to the local community's energy needs and promotes economic and environmental sustainability.

MSU Green Energy's Power Purchase Deal with CAMMESA

Under a power purchase agreement with the Wholesale Electricity Market Administration Company (CAMMESA), MSU Green Energy will sell the electricity generated at a rate of $0.076 per kWh for 15 years.

As part of this authorization, CAMMESA is directed to bill MSU Green Energy for any extra expenses borne by other MEM agents and penalties levied on Technical Transport Function (FTT) providers due to potential unavailability caused by this new addition.

MSU Green Energy's Deal with Volkswagen Argentina

In February 2024, MSU Green Energy revealed a 10-year power purchase agreement with Volkswagen Group Argentina. Under this deal, energy from the Las Lomas and Pampa del Infierno solar parks will supply the automaker’s Pacheco Industrial Center in Buenos Aires province. The company also announced a long-term initiative to establish eight solar parks, investing $350 million to generate 400 MW of renewable energy.

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