June 6, 2024

Clearloop Launches Solar Projects to Power 3,000 Homes

Clearloop has launched the first two of three planned solar projects in Panola County, Mississippi. These projects aim to enhance grid decarbonization and provide equitable access to clean energy. The 6.6 MWDC Panola I and Panola II Solar Farms were developed in collaboration with Tallahatchie Valley Electric Power Association (TVEPA) and the Panola Partnership. 

Projects Overview

The first of the three projects is the 6.6 MWDC Panola I Solar Farm. It is backed by over 30 organizations, including Vista Equity Partners and 21 of their portfolio companies, as well as Uber, Rivian, Oak View Group/GOAL, Infoblox, FarmHouse Fresh, Chicory Wealth, Goodr, Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals, Aether Diamonds, and Material Bank. This initiative highlights Clearloop's approach to decarbonizing the economy by allowing organizations of various sizes to offset their carbon footprints.

The second project, the 6.6 MWDC Panola II Solar Farm, is supported by Microsoft as part of its ongoing efforts to diversify and expand the availability of impactful renewable energy solutions and access mechanisms for everyone. Through its partnership with Clearloop, Microsoft is enhancing equitable access to clean energy and decarbonizing the grid in the Mississippi Delta region by making an upfront payment for long-term renewable energy credits.

The Solar Projects to Power 3,000 Homes Annually

The two initial projects, when combined with the Panola III Solar Farm, will prevent over 1 billion pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere and generate enough renewable, cost-effective energy to power approximately 3,000 area homes annually in the cross-section of the Mississippi Delta and Appalachian Foothills.

The 4.8 MWDC Panola III Solar Farm is supported by Vanderbilt University as part of a multiyear partnership with Clearloop, reinforcing the university’s pledge to power its campus solely with renewable energy and sustain carbon neutrality. The project is slated for completion in Fall 2024.

The Projects Will Be Operated by Silicon Ranch

Like all Clearloop projects, the Panola solar projects will be under the ownership and operation of Silicon Ranch, Clearloop's parent company, throughout their 40-year lifespan. Clearloop and Silicon Ranch are committed to maintaining enduring partnerships with TVEPA and the Panola County community. Through its collaboration with Clearloop, Panola County will progress towards its objectives for economic development.

Decarbonization Solutions for All

Clearloop, a subsidiary of Silicon Ranch, creates carbon solutions for organizations of all sizes, from global corporations to small businesses and educational institutions, to decarbonize the economy and accelerate the development of new solar projects in American communities where significant economic and environmental benefits can be achieved.

Clearloop has a special way of helping companies reduce their carbon footprint. More than 30 companies, like Microsoft and Chicory Wealth have joined forces to back the Panola I and II Solar Farms. Together, they've made a big impact on reducing carbon emissions and boosting the economy in the county. Clearloop is dedicated to making the most of climate funds to benefit the environment, education, and the economy.

Emily Deer, Associate Advisor at Chicory Wealth, highlighted, "Collaborating with Clearloop has been pivotal for Chicory Wealth in striving to achieve our ambitious climate objectives: reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, attaining net zero emissions by 2050, and providing yearly updates on our advancements. Clearloop offered us an ideal chance to offset our carbon footprint, while also enabling our company to contribute to the expansion of renewable energy access and the economic prospects it offers in Panola County."

Danielle Decatur, Director of Environmental Justice at Microsoft, stated, "As a company dedicated to achieving carbon negativity by 2030, we are pleased to endorse Clearloop's approach to hastening grid decarbonization and emphasizing fair access to clean energy in communities such as Panola County, where our contributions can create a meaningful difference."

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