May 27, 2024

Clearview Expands with 42 MWp Solar Park

Clearvise AG has expanded its renewable energy portfolio by acquiring the Wolfsgarten solar park, boasting an installed capacity of 42 MWp. This acquisition propels Clearvise's total operating portfolio to an impressive 316 MW output. With the commissioning already completed, the company anticipates earnings contributions as early as 2024, showcasing the efficiency of its project execution.

Clearvise’s Second Solar Project

Clearvise AG, a renewable energy independent power producer with a varied European portfolio of wind and photovoltaic facilities, declares the procurement of the Wolfsgarten solar park from ALTUS Renewables GmbH (ALTUS). This acquisition marks a successful expansion of Clearvise AG's operational generation capacity to 316 MW and underscores its ongoing commitment to achieving a balanced electricity output, split evenly between wind and solar energy sources.

ALTUS, a developer headquartered in Karlsruhe, planned and constructed the 42.7 MWp Wolfsgarten solar park, which commenced operations at the end of April 2024. The electricity generated from this facility is sold through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This successful realisation further underscores Clearvise's commitment to advancing sustainable energy initiatives, particularly evidenced by their continued pursuit of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) projects.

Following the Alsweiler II solar park, also developed by ALTUS with a capacity of 12.5 MWp, the Wolfsgarten solar park becomes the second project in Clearvise's operational generation portfolio to operate successfully without tariff subsidies, relying instead on private PPAs. Clearvise had previously announced the successful signing of another PPA for a French solar park project under construction by the end of March.

The Partnership Deal

Petra Leue-Bahns, CEO of Clearvise AG, highlights the success of the Wolfsgarten project as a testament to the trust they've placed in ALTUS's development expertise. She expresses gratitude for ALTUS's partnership and dedication, which ensured the park's timely completion before the intense summer months.

“Those that wait will get good rewards. A large-scale, intricate project such as Wolfsgarten demonstrates why we should have faith in ALTUS's development experience. We express our gratitude to our esteemed partner for their outstanding collaboration and unwavering dedication. Because of this, the park was able to open on time before the summer's high radiation months,” stated Leue-Bahns.

According to a report from EQS News, in 2021, Clearvise and ALTUS entered purchase agreements for the Wolfsgarten and Heiligenfelde solar parks as part of a diverse PV project portfolio. Due to market changes, adjustments were necessary, leading Clearvise to take over the Wolfsgarten project while ALTUS retained ownership of Heiligenfelde.

More Projects Ahead

Clearvise AG, an independent producer of renewable energies in Europe, holds a diverse investment portfolio of onshore wind and solar parks. They prioritize profitable expansion through a three-pillar acquisition strategy and create value for stakeholders with clearSWITCH, clearPARTNERS, and clearVALUE models. Since 2008, ALTUS, a subsidiary of Kraftwerke Mainz-Wiesbaden AG, has supported wind energy and photovoltaic projects comprehensively. Leveraging expertise in project development.

Marco Eggensperger, Managing Director of ALTUS Renewables GmbH, emphasizes their team's capability to deliver larger projects like Wolfsgarten, even amid challenging market conditions. He expresses satisfaction in continuing their partnership with Clearvise for the long-term management of Wolfsgarten Park, further solidifying their collaboration.

“We have effectively shown Wolfsgarten Solar Park that our seasoned team is capable of completing more ambitious projects, even under challenging market conditions. We are happy that following the sale, we will still be in charge of Wolfsgarten Solar Park's long-term management, which will allow us to work with Clearvise even more,” Eggensperger expressed.

The acquisition of the Wolfsgarten solar park by Clearvise AG marks a significant milestone in the company's renewable energy portfolio, boosting its operational capacity to an impressive 316 MW. This expansion underscores Clearvise's commitment to sustainable energy initiatives and highlights its successful execution of large-scale projects like Wolfsgarten. With the park already operational and earnings anticipated from 2024 onwards, Clearvise's partnership with ALTUS Renewables GmbH has proven fruitful, showcasing its dedication to advancing renewable energy solutions in Europe.

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