May 26, 2024

Everlight Solar Hosts Career Field Trip for Madison High School Seniors

Everlight Solar, Wisconsin's largest home solar company hosted its first Career Exploration field trip for local high school seniors. Students from three high schools in the Madison area visited Everlight Solar's headquarters to engage in a day of immersive, hands-on activities designed to introduce them to potential careers in the solar industry

Everlight Solar Company Spotlight

Everlight Solar is a Midwest-based company focused on delivering solar energy solutions. Their operational reach extends across Wisconsin, Minnesota, Idaho, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming. In their inaugural year of eligibility, Everlight Solar achieved a remarkable growth rate, earning them the 632nd spot on the 2023 Inc.

The company frequently engages with the community through events, sponsorships, and educational programs, highlighting their dedication to promoting clean energy and supporting local initiatives.

Engaging Students in Renewable Energy Careers

Around 150 students from Madison East High School, Middleton High School, and Oregon High School participated in the event. The event commenced with welcome remarks from Everlight Solar's Director of Electrical Operations, Sales Development Manager, and numerous members of Everlight's recruitment team where each speaker shared insights about the company's mission and the increasing significance of renewable energy.

Following the welcome, students engaged in rotating through different activity stations showcasing various career paths at Everlight Solar. In the sales games session, they honed communication skills and grasped sales basics through role-playing exercises. The construction relay races provided hands-on experience in solar panel installation, fostering teamwork and problem-solving.

Bridging the Gap Between Education and Industry

Everlight Solar is committed to supporting educational initiatives that promote sustainability and innovation. The career field trip organized for the high school students offered them an exclusive chance to delve into careers within the solar energy sector.

The visit exemplified Everlight Solar's dedication to community engagement and education. During the field trip, students explored various aspects of solar power, from the technology driving solar panels to the installation process and the merits of renewable energy. They also interacted with industry professionals, acquiring firsthand knowledge of potential career trajectories and the essential skills demanded in the solar industry.

Interview with Everlight Staff

One of the activities at the field trip was the mock interview session led by Everlight Solar's recruitment experts. Students received valuable feedback on their resumes and interview tips, boosting confidence and acquiring practical skills for future job hunts.

"This event aims to inspire the upcoming generation and unveil the thrilling prospects within the solar energy career path. With a plethora of job opportunities in the renewable energy sector, it's crucial to showcase the vast array of possibilities to these students. The potential is boundless.” Stated Rebekah Harris, Associate Manager of Recruitment at Everlight Solar.

This career field trip resonates with Everlight Solar's mission, which extends beyond delivering solar solutions to encompass inspiring and educating the next generation about the significance of sustainable energy practices. Through initiatives like the Career Exploration field trip, the company aims to ignite interest in renewable energy careers and build lasting connections with local schools.

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