June 26, 2024

FF Ventures Enters Romanian Market with 1GW Solar and Storage Projects

FF Ventures is entering the Romanian market, planning to develop 500 MW of solar and 500 MW of energy storage projects in the next three years. The company currently develops 2.2 GW of PV capacity in Spain, and 1.2 GW in Portugal, and is starting operations in France and Mexico.

Contributing to Romania’s Decarbonisation Goal

FF Ventures, a key player in the European renewable energy market, is entering the Romanian market. Over the next three years, they plan to develop 500 MW of solar projects and 500 MW of energy storage projects in Romania. By expanding into Romania, the company aims to diversify its portfolio through both greenfield projects and co-development opportunities.

FF Ventures decided to enter Romania after a careful and in-depth analysis of the market. Several factors played a role in this decision. First, Romania is a European market that aligns with the objectives of the company’s shareholders, who want to help the region achieve decarbonization and CO2 emission reduction targets.

“After a thorough market analysis, FF Ventures chose to enter Romania. Several key factors influenced this decision," said Andrei Pecingine, the development director of FF Ventures for Romania. "Firstly, Romania aligns with the company’s shareholders' goals to aid in the region's decarbonization and CO2 emission reduction.”

Romania Dedicated to Renewable Energy

Furthermore, Romania has shown dedication to expanding renewable energy usage, as outlined in the National Integrated Energy and Climate Change Plan (PNIESC), supported by favourable regulatory conditions. Moreover, economic growth and industrial development forecasts suggest rising future consumer demand, enhancing Romania's appeal as a lucrative market for renewable energy initiatives.

“Additionally, Romania's commitment to renewable energy adoption, supported by the National Integrated Energy and Climate Change Plan (PNIESC) and a favourable regulatory environment, played a significant role. Furthermore, economic and industrial growth forecasts suggest a rise in future consumer demand, making Romania an attractive market for renewable energy projects,” Pecingine added.

FF Ventures aims to develop 500 MW of solar projects and 500 MW of energy storage projects in Romania within the next three years. The company is committed to long-term plans in Romania, focusing on developing its own portfolio of greenfield projects as well as exploring co-development opportunities.

Currently, FF Ventures holds a portfolio of PV projects totalling 3.4 GW in Spain and Portugal. Additionally, through IberBlue Wind, a joint venture in renewable energy, the company is involved in floating offshore wind energy projects with a total capacity of 5 GW. Key shareholders include Octopus, one of Europe’s leading investment funds in renewable energy projects, and Time to Act Capital, a fund dedicated to energy transition projects in developing markets.

Expanding the Solar European Market

Established in 2018, FF Ventures initially focused on developing solar photovoltaic projects within the Iberian Peninsula. The company now manages a portfolio totaling approximately 2.2 GW in Spain and 1.2 GW in Portugal. FF Ventures oversees all aspects of renewable energy project lifecycles, from financing and development to construction and operation.

The company is involved in a diverse range of projects, including onshore and offshore solar and wind farms, as well as Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). Currently, FF Ventures operates from offices in Madrid and Seville (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal), and Bucharest (Romania), with plans to expand into France and Mexico underway.

FF Ventures' entry into the Romanian market marks a strategic expansion aimed at bolstering its position as a key player in Europe's renewable energy sector. With plans to develop 500 MW each of solar and energy storage projects over the next three years, the company seeks to capitalize on Romania's supportive regulatory environment and growing economic prospects. This move not only aligns with FF Ventures' commitment to sustainability and decarbonization but also underscores its ambitious growth trajectory in diversified renewable energy portfolios across multiple European and global markets.

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