First Steps for Your Solar Module Production
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Find out the first steps before starting with the details:

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  • Perfect Size: the perfect size for your factory!
  • Automation: full or low automation?
  • Total investment: what will be the invest in machines, building, ramp up and so on?
  • Business Plan: how to make the business plan for investors!

Engaging and interesting!

Engaging and interesting! Am grateful that I found this on Instagram and connected.


I got value for my time

I got value for my time and hope to have more Lessons,
thanks for today.

Julius Etim

Finally it was a very good decision

At the beginning I was not sure if it is possible to make a finance plan only with an e-course, but with the personal assistance it was very easy and I got a great result. Thanks to Patrick for the discussions and help.

Mr. Ramadani

well explained and to the point

Thank you very well explained and to the point

David Bernard

Very helpful

Very helpful looking forward to engulfing my self in these technologies of today and future. Suitable for any level of investment but clearly thriving towards sustainable development.

Adam simpasa

Am highly impressed of your lessons

Israel from Nigeria. Am highly impressed of your lessons and I will like to venture into it. Power (light) is a major problem in Nigeria.

Israel Nduka

Hi Patrick,

I would like to confirm we have learned many things from pvknowhow and the business plan course.

We are ready with our plannings now.

James Muchiri

Huge Knowledge

Hans knows nearly everything in this business. We discussed not only about normal solar but also about research, new technologies in the market and the future of the solar business. It was nice to discuss in Germany!

Prof. Dr. Karabanov

very interesting

It is very interesting , brief and knowledgable, thank you.


very informative business plan

Thank you very much about the very informative business plan. Hopes soon be materialized.

Jess Radana

The basic information that you have provided has given enough to make a person want to learn more. I am intrigued by the concept and looking to complete the premium course.

Jeffrey Van der Merwe

Thanks for all the information about Solar panel production line and Desert technology.

Good quality production line and course.

Nury Hydyrov

would like to know how the industry can work in africa

jacques van der merwe

Thank you very much, my dear friend & teacher Mr. Patrick, Thanks to every one of you in J.V.G /PVKNOWHOW clue. In fact I am highly trailed. Having heard about 99,000 Euro for a start. Pls let me take my time to get ready. I will get back to you.

Amalu Anthony C

Good presentation

Good presentation, please how do l get train in other to start my own solar production.

Ananga A.Francis

Very good information

Very good information. Thank you.

Jess Radana

Thank you it is well articulated.l would like to start one but the only challenge the material and finances.

Chadili Mhango

Very Detailed Information

The information where very detailed and I got answers to every question I had. I liked the direct WhatsApp support. Thanks a lot!!!

Tirdat Hofmann

I'm so much in love with solar eight now. And with this lesson, it enlightens me more about solar production.

I just need your help in knowing more about this. Thanks.


Hi Thomas. I can’t thank you enough for what you are sharing here. I really appreciate your efforts, the scary part is the financing bit but whole project seems to a great idea.

Michael Omara

Yes very good session

Yes very good session this has been my bug bare....what size of plant the Benefits of all time to think Thank You

David Bernard

Patrick answered every question I had

For me solar business was completely new, so I had to get the full picture of this business. Patrick never gave me the feeling that my questions are stupid and I got an answer to every problem.

Mohammed S.

The complete explanation of each and every thing with calculation helps you to work more cofidently and one more step towards your goal. Thanks to

Hi ,i am rajan from india ,after lots of surfing on internet i was totally lost about my dream and fully frustated to start my project but i dont know how to start then suddenly i found a link related to solar works and i found a person known as mr patrick thoma after lots of chatting with him i have started my new project in india which is in my home city delhi. Mr patrick is really a nice guy and helpful in making my life dream comes true he provided me a deep detailed view of project and right now around 400 people are working under me..

The most importent thing about him is that he will let me know about profit and losses at step.. in order to reduce production cost.

Rajan singh

Thanks alot for this great opportunity

I am really interesting
Thanks alot for this great opportunity and i am looking for a long term business with you
I will send an email right now

Hassan abdalla hassan

Am very much impressed about this course, i hope i will be able to get enough training to canvass for support.

Joel osagie

Grateful for the Lesson

Grateful for the Lesson, I am more prepared now than ever going into the business.


Thanks for the lesson, I'm so interested and looking forward to learning more and applying it


Very clear and on point tutorial

Very clear and on point tutorial to give better knowledge and directions of the business. It also helps to plan for the budgets and asses on your investors and risk. Thank you.


That's great information, very helpful

Kennedy Danha

My Partners Trusted in My Expertise

My idea to start a solar module production line was there for more than 2 years. I had 2 partners that also thought about it. After we all made the decision to start with the business plan an I went through all the chapters, I was able to answer all the questions of my partners based on facts. Finally we started a small line with 5 MW where we make special panels for private house owners.

Mr. Goyal

Thank You For The Lessons

Hi Patrick

Thank you for your email and the lessons which I found it very useful.

Ahmed Fekry

Very interesting course. I'm Dr. of electrical engineering from Kyrgyzstan.

Abai Asiev


Great! very useful videos

Mohammed Wais

Good support

I liked the way of making the plan. With the support I could easy go through all the parts of the business plan.

Mr. Naidoo

it's so helpful and insipiring

Thanks for the lesson it's so helpful and insipiring , it is my hope to be an independent solar manufacturer

Raymond Kusereka

It is really interesting. Can't wait to start the business


Very interesting. Surely I will work with you, hopefully by June this year. I really want to register for the e-class. Thank you.


Pv course

Very professional Excellent

Technical information

Kahtan Deab Abedalrhman