July 9, 2024

FRV Australia Launches First Solar-Storage Project in Queensland

FRV Australia has launched its first solar-plus-storage project in the country. The facility in Dalby, Queensland features a 2.45MWdc solar PV plant and a 2.54MW/5MWh battery energy storage system. The project occupies approximately 30 hectares of land.

FRV's Integrated Solar and Battery System in Australia

FRV announced that this facility is their first hybrid solar and battery project in Australia. It is also among the first in the country to combine photovoltaic (PV) generation with a battery system at the same connection point to the national grid, rather than operating and dispatching them separately.

"This development is notable as the integration of solar PV and battery storage enhances energy efficiency and strengthens grid resilience. The Dalby project will also positively impact the power distribution network by delivering stable renewable energy generation." the company said. 

Power Plant to Supply Electricity to Ergon Energy’s Distribution Network

FRV announced that the power plant will supply electricity to Ergon Energy's distribution network in regional Queensland. It will also draw electricity from the grid to charge the battery, enabling it to operate as a reliable and controllable generation facility.

The company has stated that the system will be capable of accessing various markets and revenue streams, such as arbitrage and FCAS services.

"This project is essential for Queensland's future energy supply and security, particularly as renewable energy capacity grows. Storage will support the delivery of solar and wind-generated power to the market when demand is highest. Integrating PV into the project underscores the significance of combining solar and batteries to provide reliable power." the company said.

Carlo Frigerio, CEO of FRV Australia, described the Dalby system as a 'small yet strategic' project for the company, reflecting its longstanding presence in the Australian market for over a decade.

"It aligns with FRV Australia's pioneering approach, consistently leading the way in energy transition and technology to forge a better future for everyone," he said.

FRV’s Renewable Energy Portfolio in Australia

FRV, owned by Abdul Latif Jameel Energy and Omers Infrastructure based in Canada, has been investing in Australia since 2012. So far, the company has developed over 1 GW of photovoltaic assets across 10 projects, with some already built and others under construction.

The portfolio features several solar farms across Australia, including the 100 MW Lilyvale and Winton farms in Queensland and Victoria, respectively. Additionally, it encompasses the Sebastapol (90 MW), Metz (115 MW), Walla Walla (300 MW), Moree (56 MW), and Goonumbla (70 MW) solar farms in New South Wales.

The company is also advancing the development of additional hybrid and battery energy storage projects throughout the National Electricity Market (NEM), such as the Gnarwarre (250 MW / 500 MWh) and Terang (100 MW / 200 MWh) batteries in Victoria. Both Terang and Gnarwarre are in the planning stage, with construction anticipated to start in the latter half of 2024.

Christopher Curtain, Senior Managing Director of Omers Asia-Pacific, mentioned that both projects would leverage insights gained from the successful delivery of the Dalby project.

"The grid connection of Dalby marks a significant milestone for FRV Australia. As our inaugural hybrid project in Australia, we are eager to apply the insights gained to expand our portfolio and further facilitate the transition of Australia's energy system." Christopher Curtain said.

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