July 9, 2024

IHI Power Services to Manage Doral’s Solar Projects in Indiana and Ohio

Doral Renewables has selected IHI Power Services Corp. for asset management of two significant renewable projects: the Mammoth North Solar Project, a 400-MW facility in Starke County, Indiana, and the Great Bend Solar Project, a 48-MW plant in Meigs County, Ohio.

Mammoth North Solar to Power Approximately 275,000 Homes

The Mammoth North Solar Project is set to begin commercial operation in Q3 2024. Upon completion, the Mammoth Solar Project will produce an impressive 1.3 GW of power, providing enough clean energy to power approximately 275,000 homes. This $1.5 billion project, one of the largest solar developments in the nation, is divided into four phases: Mammoth North Solar, followed by Mammoth South Solar and Mammoth Central Solar I & II, which are anticipated to commence full construction in the first quarter of 2025.

Doral's Great Bend Solar to Boost Meigs County Economy by 2025

Doral’s Great Bend Solar Project will also commence this year and is anticipated to be operational by the end of 2025. This project will generate an additional $400,000 in annual tax revenues, create numerous new jobs, and stimulate economic growth, benefiting local businesses and the entire Meigs County community.

CEO of IPSC, John Keller stated, “Doral Renewables’ confidence in IPSC to support its Mammoth North and Great Bend solar projects highlights our proven expertise in delivering top-tier asset management. This service, which we've focused on prioritizing and expanding in recent years, aligns perfectly with Doral’s vision of creating sustainable communities. We are excited to contribute to the success of one of the largest solar projects in the U.S., further emphasizing our dedication to excellence in the clean energy sector." 

Partnerships’ Commitment to Renewable Energy

Doral Renewables is a Philadelphia-based renewable energy developer. It is a leading developer, owner, and operator of renewable energy assets across the United States. The company manages a diverse portfolio encompassing solar and storage developments totaling over 13 GW, with 1.3 GW currently under construction. Operating in 18 states across 9 electricity markets, Doral Renewables holds long-term wholesale power purchase agreements exceeding $2.5 billion with U.S. customers. Supported by global management and leadership from the Doral Group, Migdal Group, and Clean Air Generation, the company benefits from financial backing by Apollo Global Management.
IHI Power Services Corp. (IPSC) is a subsidiary of IHI Corporation, a heavy industrial manufacturing and services company with a proud history dating back to 1853. As IHI Corporation’s largest U.S. entity, IPSC employs over 600 people and offers operations, maintenance, asset management, remote operations, compliance, and support services to the U.S. power generation and other energy industries.

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