First Steps for Your Solar Module Production
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Find out the first steps before starting with the details:

  • The perfect size or your factory
  • Full or low automation
  • What will be the invest in machines, building and so on?
  • How to make the business plan?
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Huge Knowledge


Hans knows nearly everything in this business. We discussed not only about normal solar but also about research, new technologies in the market and the future of the solar business. It was nice to discuss in Germany!

Prof. Dr. Karabanov


It is really interesting. Can't wait to start the business


Am highly impressed of your lessons


Israel from Nigeria. Am highly impressed of your lessons and I will like to venture into it. Power (light) is a major problem in Nigeria.

Israel Nduka


Thanks for the lesson, I'm so interested and looking forward to learning more and applying it


Very good information


Very good information. Thank you.

Jess Radana

Thank You For The Lessons


Hi Patrick

Thank you for your email and the lessons which I found it very useful.

Ahmed Fekry