First Steps for Your Solar Module Production
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Find out the first steps before starting with the details:

  • The perfect size or your factory
  • Full or low automation
  • What will be the invest in machines, building and so on?
  • How to make the business plan?
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Very clear and on point tutorial


Very clear and on point tutorial to give better knowledge and directions of the business. It also helps to plan for the budgets and asses on your investors and risk. Thank you.



Thanks for all the information about Solar panel production line and Desert technology.

Good quality production line and course.

Nury Hydyrov

well explained and to the point


Thank you very well explained and to the point

David Bernard



Great! very useful videos

Mohammed Wais


Very interesting. Surely I will work with you, hopefully by June this year. I really want to register for the e-class. Thank you.



Am very much impressed about this course, i hope i will be able to get enough training to canvass for support.

Joel osagie