May 29, 2024

Mandamarri Solar Plant Unveils Innovative Energy Storage System

The government enterprise Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) is gearing up to set up a first-of-its kind Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in the renewable energy space and recently floated a tender for the same. It will be set up at the Mandal of Mandamarri in Mancherial district of Telangana State at its 28 MW Solar Power Plant.

Innovative Solar Storage Solution

The total project is worth around INR 5 Crores and its objective is to improve energy storage capabilities and develop new infrastructures that make the use of renewable energy easier in Telangana.

The work involved covers multiple activities including design, engineering, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning and ten years of O&M (Operations and Maintenance) activities.

Potential bidders are obliged to fulfill rigorous pre-bid financial criteria, which include a non-refundable Earnest Money Deposit or EMD of INR 5 Lakhs (about $74,000) along with a nominal e-procurement transaction fee whose highest rate, at INR 10,000, is capped for Tender values up to INR 50 Crores.

The Energy Storage System of 1 MW/2.5 MWh capacity is proposed to be installed in the Mandamarri Solar Plant. The BESS would store excess energy from the solar project in its battery storage during day and discharge to the SCCL grid as and when required ensuring grid stability and reliability.

This is a large move for renewable energy infrastructure because the project is estimated to cost around ₹50 million (~$602,004).

it added that ‘the applicant shall demonstrate his experience in implementing BESS projects.’ Capacity requirements for both domestic and overseas projects were also set out. One of the monetary requirements is an EMD of ₹500,000 ($6,020) and a performance bank guarantee showing that the bidder’s net worth was at least ₹50 billion ($602 million) in the preceding financial year.

This venture highlights SCCL’s priorities to stabilise the grid for sustainable energy. The company is at the forefront of pioneering technologies and collaboration within the industry to transition to renewable energy and foster a greener future.

The bid deadline is 18 June 2024, which might be the last chance to take part in history-making.

Driving Renewable Energy Adoption in Telangana

One of these progressive states happens to be Telangana, India, which has taken the lead in the shift to renewable energy after setting the goals of reaching net zero carbon emissions in its sustainable development programme.

The state has already used its rich solar potential, which totals up to 20.41 GW – second only to Jodhpur in the state of Rajasthan for solar power capacity per unit area of the land mass. This relatively small accumulated installed capacity of 3,621 MW means that solar energy today makes up about seven per cent of El Hierro’s energy mix.

As a result, 180 different sites have managed to install widespread solar capability in Telangana, often in attractive and effective ways. This bottom-up devolution empowered citizens to seek their own degree of self-sufficiency through the use of energy.

With phenomenal saving of energy, use of renewables has increased from 9.8% in FY23 to 14.1% in FY24. The state’s total amount of renewable energy capacity is now at 6,335 MW, which leads the nation in bringing renewables online.

Meanwhile, the government has issued the Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage (EVES) Policy 2020-2030 (commonly shortened to EVES) to expand EV adoption and encourage energy storage solutions. This policy-targeted support intends to foster high competitiveness of the electric mobility ecosystem and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Additionally, the investments in renewable energy by Telangana went hand-in-hand with commitments from domestic and foreign investors. The state was exploring options with battery energy storage systems and grid-connected solutions.

However, it must also be stated that Telangana’s rapid action, favourable policies and strategic investments have paved the path for it becoming the leader in RE adoption of its size in India. Telangana’s ability to think big towards a cleaner and greener tomorrow is indeed a commendable affair and warrants imitation.  You can get the official tender documents here.

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