July 9, 2024

Masdar JV Begins Construction on 60MW Solar Plant in Sharjah

Meanwhile, as a further indicator of how a desert state was beginning to turn towards renewables, emerge – a joint-venture energy company between the Abu Dhabi energy group Masdar and the French utility giant EDF – signed a deal with the Sharjah National Oil Corporation (SNOC) to construct Sharjah’s largest solar installation.

The 60MWp Sharjah Solar Plant is an important milestone on the path towards Sharjah’s future sustainability and carbon neutrality.

Pioneering Renewable Energy in the Emirate

This will be the largest solar PV plant in the emirate of Sharjah, and will be located at SNOC’s Sajaa Gas Complex, where Emerge will build, own and operate the plant for 25 years under a BOOT (Build-Own-Operate-Transfer) contract.

which finances the plant, designs the systems and equipment, purchases materials and labor, and generates, operates and maintains the solar modules.

The Sharjah Solar Plant is due to come online and begin contributing to the provision of clean energy by midyear.

With more than 54,000 square meters of ground-mounted photovoltaic solar panels, the plant will help offset 66,000 tons of CO2 production every year, the equivalent charging power of more than 14,600 cars.

This will mean SNOC can begin to experiment with alternatives to fossil-fuel-based power that will significantly impact the reduction of its carbon footprint.

Added to that, it’s in line with SNOC’s decarbonization pathway towards achieving net-zero by 2032 alongside making Sharjah benefit from the project, while at the same time setting a precedent for the region.

Pioneering UAE's Path to Net-Zero 2050

The Sharjah Solar Plant is an important part of the UAE public strategy to reduce its carbon footprint, known as Net-Zero 2050: this increasing emphasis on renewable energy sources supports the UAE in becoming more environmentally responsible and sustainable.

The solar plant will be a secure source of clean energy, which will lower SNOC’s operating cost and make energy more secure for the emirate. Using renewable energy will also create economic growth and jobs for the area.

The project shows what is possible: strategic investments in renewable energy can bring big economic and social rewards.

Hatem Al Mosa Celebrates Progress of Sharjah Solar

The SNOC Chief Executive Officer Hatem Al Mosa hailed the Sharjah Solar Plant as ‘moving apace’ towards the goal of becoming a zero-emissions company by 2032. he stressed that the collaborations with Emerge, Masdar and EDF are of tremendous strategic value – and that he hopes for more such deals of their kind in the future.

Michel Abi Saab, Emerge General Manager, added that the company was proud to be ‘part of this landmark project’, which saw Emerge’s turnkey solutions remove the cost implications of SNOC making the switch to a sustainable future.

The initiative is of mutual benefit: it not only helps SNOC to achieve its decarbonization targets, but also provides the emirate with a low-cost energy future.

Sharjah Solar Plant Sets New Standards for Renewable Energy in the UAE

Another step towards a sustainable future for Sharjah and, more broadly, the UAE is the Sharjah Solar Plant which, at 30 megawatts, is the largest solar installation in the emirate and it quickly establishes high standards for renewable energy schemes.

Its success could be the beginning of many such similar projects and serve the UAE’s larger aims of sustainability and environmental preservation.

Photo courtesy Sharjah Investment and Development AuthorityIt’s little wonder that the Sharjah Solar Plant has been hailed as a defining moment in the emirate’s history of renewable energy and sustainability goals.

A groundbreaking investment in solar technology and human cooperation, the plant is expected to provide tremendous environmental and economic boons.

Overall, Sharjah Solar Plant is a benchmark not only for the emirate but for the entire renewable energies production worldwide.

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