June 28, 2024

Mirpur Launches Solar Electric Cart Project for Affordable Travel

The District Administration of Mirpur, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) with assistance from SUNI has started a pilot project of intercity solar electric carts. Lack of available public transportation is a major challenge faced by local communities. This initiative will offer the local community an environmentally friendly and cheap mode of transportation.

Pioneering Cost-effective and Sustainable Travel

The first route of solar-powered carts will be from Kalayal Chowk to Thothal which is the heart of Mirpur city, heavily populated and with a large number of daily commuters.

This project is very important,’ DC Yasir Riaz said. ‘It’s the pilot project of intercity solar electric cart service for the local population here provide us relief from the high petrol rates.’ Eventually it will be rolled out to other residential neighborhoods in the surrounding city of Mirpur, which has a population of more than a million expatriates who chiefly work in the UK.

The purpose of this service is to contribute to the economy through low-cost public transport. Each tour in the solar electric carts is extremely cost efficient at Rs. 30 per passenger per stop.

The designated route includes 4 tourist spots in this area: Kalayal, Naangi Chowk, Shaheed Chowk, and Thothal. The pathway is the same return also.

Inauguration and Support

The inaugural ceremony was graced by city dignitaries and senior officials of the district administration held at Shaheed Chowk. Senior district administrators Yasir Riaz, the Mirpur Deputy Commissioner (DC) who inaugurated the pilot project, and the mayor of Mirpur, Usman Ali Khalid.Present on the occasion were SSP Mirpur Kamran Ali, DIO Javed Malik, Tehsildar Imran Yousaf Chaudhry, DBA President Shakeel-uz-Zaman Advocate.

The Solar Electric Cart project is considered an eco-friendly project for the people of Mirpur. Moreover, it is also a low-cost way to get transport in this area. Besides that, since these carts use Solar energy consumption of carbon is greatly reduced which will lead to a greener environment.

In addition, due to their low running costs, the fare tends to remain low, and the service is accessible to a wider range of users.

This collaboration with the private sector has been hugely important in keeping costs down, while solar electric carts provide a cheap means of travel – affordable to the commuters and the environment.

Future Expansion Plans

The pilot project should serve as a starting point for the service to be expanded. As DC Yasir Riaz notes ‘we plan to cover other societies’ to improve Mirpur’s public transportation network.

This expansion will not only relieve the traffic, but also generate new jobs and help local business and urban development to develop in a sustainable manner.

Overall response to the Solar Electric Cart Project within the community has been extremely welcome. The residents of the administration have embraced the administration's desire to help the environment by providing free transportation to the residents as well as a low cost to passengers, the students from the university.

Furthermore, by involving community leaders and other stakeholders in the opening ceremony, the sense of shared responsibility in meeting sustainable development goals is emphasized.

By promoting the concept of sustainable public transit with this Solar Electric Cart project as a pilot project in the region, Mirpur has created a foundation for other regions to build upon.

This pilot project’s success and forthcoming expansion is proof of the potential for renewable energy to transform urban transport systems. As Mirpur continues to grow, the Solar Electric Cart project will surely play an important part in setting that city on a path for a sustainable and prosperous future.

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