May 22, 2024

New Solar Modules Cleaner to be Unveiled in Munich

Emil Otto, a German company is introducing four new biodegradable solar panel cleaners designated EO-SMC-001 to EO-SMC-004, These products which are formulated specifically for cleaning solar modules will debut at Intersolar 2024 in Munich.

EO-SMC-001 Modules Cleaner

Emil Otto, a German flux and cleaning specialist, is increasing its portfolio of cleaning chemicals for the solar sector with four new solutions, which will be presented to trade visitors for the first time at Intersolar 2024 in Munich. All four products have been designed specifically to clean solar panels.

EO-SMC-001 is a VOC-free, moderate alkaline cleaning product with a slight odour. It is water-based and biodegradable, ready for immediate use, and may be used both manually and automatically to clean solar panels. Its exceptional wetting capabilities make it perfect for use with spraying, brushing, or other automated cleaning systems.

The alkaline composition successfully eliminates acidic and saline filth without leaving any greasy residues or impurities that could affect the solar module's effectiveness. EO-SMC-001 is not considered dangerous because it is based on water.

Other Solar Panel Cleaners

After observing a significant demand for specialized cleaning agents at Intersolar 2023, Emil Otto decided to develop new products for the next Intersolar event in Munich. Markus Geßner, head of marketing and sales, noted that the solar module cleaners EO-SMC-001 to -004 have similar formulations and applications.

“Our engagement in Intersolar 2023 demonstrated that there is a considerable demand for specific cleaning products in this field. As a result, we have chosen to develop new items for the next Intersolar and present them in Munich,” Geßner explained.

Emil Otto also provides the cleaning agents EO-SMC-002 and EO-SMC-003. EO-SMC-002 is mildly acidic, while EO-SMC-003 has a neutral formulation. Both achieve the same cleaning results and application properties as EO-SMC-001. EO-SMC-003, being pH-neutral, is particularly gentle on sensitive materials and effectively removes soiling and deposits like dust, pollen, or dirt from road traffic.

The product line is rounded out by EO-SMC-004, a water-based cleaning agent specifically designed to remove lichens, mosses, algae, and some molds. This cleaner uses an active oxygen formulation and is also effective at eliminating acidic and saline dirt.

Need for Solar Panel Cleaners

Regular professional cleaning is crucial for maximizing solar power efficiency and maintaining high electricity yields due to the impact of weather and air pollution on photovoltaic systems. Proper techniques are essential for safety, especially considering heavy soiling and steep panel angles. Cleaning frequency varies, with agricultural areas needing it 2-4 times a year and less polluted areas requiring annual or biennial cleaning. Professional high-pressure cleaners can efficiently clean up to 1,500 square meters per day, thus enhancing green electricity generation.

Photovoltaic systems endure diverse weather conditions and contaminants, from snow and rain to soot and bird droppings. Accumulated dirt can decrease electricity yield by up to 30%, emphasizing the importance of regular cleaning for both aesthetics and performance.

The company prioritizes environmental compatibility for their new cleaning agents, ensuring they are safe for use in meadows and green areas. With no flammable or corrosive additives, these agents can be rinsed off with water without harming flora and fauna. “We prioritised environmental compatibility because many solar panels are located in meadows or lush regions. As a result, all new cleaning products can be used in these settings without issue.” Geßner stated.

Emil Otto's unveiling of biodegradable solar panel cleaners at Intersolar 2024 in Munich meets the rising demand for specialized cleaning agents in the solar industry. With products tailored to various needs and environmental concerns, the company ensures maximum electricity yield and operational safety for solar installations globally.

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