June 19, 2024

Pacific Partnerships Secures 700MW Cobbora Solar Farm Development

Pacific Partnerships, a subsidiary of CIMIC Group specializing in construction, has acquired the development rights for a 700-megawatt solar park which includes plans for a co-located battery energy storage system (BESS) in New South Wales.

Pacific Partnerships Acquires Project from Marble Energy

Pacific Partnerships acquired the project from Marble Energy, a Sydney-based developer specializing in renewable energy.

"The Cobbora Solar Farm will be located on a low, undulating landscape which is well-suited for solar farm installation. We anticipate further assistance throughout the project's development stages." Marble Energy Co-Director Tim Kirk stated.

Marble Energy Co-Director, Gordon Ou said: "Pacific Partnerships’ acquisition of the development rights ensures a high level of confidence in the project's success and in delivering sustainable, affordable, and reliable power to homes and businesses throughout NSW in the long term."

Pacific and UGL Collaborate on Cobbora Solar Project

Pacific will oversee the project's execution and operations through its energy arm, Pacific Partnerships Energy. UGL, a fellow Cimic company, will handle the construction of the solar farm and battery energy storage system, as well as provide ongoing operation and maintenance services upon completion.

Cimic Chairman Juan Santamaria said: "Cimic is committed to Australia's energy transition and is actively developing large-scale renewable generation assets and infrastructure to support this effort. NSW is a key focus in our strategic expansion of a diversified national portfolio, contributing to the Australian Government's goals of achieving net zero emissions by 2050."

Cobbora Solar Farm to Become One of Australia’s Largest PV Farms

The Cobbora PV park will be one of Australia's largest solar farms once developed. The project represents Pacific's latest large-scale solar endeavor, adding to their expanding portfolio which includes the recently finished 102 MW Glenrowan Solar Farm in northeast Victoria, and the ongoing development of the 250 MW Hopeland Solar Farm in Queensland’s Western Downs region.

Cobbora PV Park to Power 280,000 Homes and Support Sheep Grazing

The Cobbora PV park, spanning a 3,000-hectare (7,413-acre) site east of Dubbo, will generate sufficient electricity to meet the annual consumption needs of approximately 280,000 average-sized homes. The park will be situated on predominantly cleared grazing land, facilitating the installation of batteries with a capacity of up to 1,600 MWh. Sheep grazing will also continue once the PV park is operational.

"The solar farm has the capacity to produce sufficient clean, renewable energy to power approximately 280,000 average-sized homes. Additionally, it features space capable of accommodating up to 1600MWh of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to provide energy as needed." said UGL Managing Director Doug Moss.

Cobbora Solar Farm EIS Timeline

An environmental impact statement for Cobbora is scheduled for submission to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment by late 2024. Following submission, it will undergo public exhibition to gather feedback from the community and stakeholders. Marble Energy has outlined plans to begin construction in 2025, with the solar farm projected to commence exporting by 2028.

The Cobbora Solar Farm represents a significant investment in Australia's renewable energy infrastructure, aiming to play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions and supporting sustainable development.

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