June 17, 2024

Rajasthan’s New Parks Power boost Economy and Sustainability

Rajasthan solar energy projects will continue to see investments, as the state has recently approved four new solar parks of 2950 MW. In addition, there will be increased clean energy production, economic benefits, job creation, and a dramatic reduction of carbon emissions – all steps Rajasthan is taking that help redefine sustainability as a crucial goal in India.

The Rajasthan government has approved the development of four solar parks (cumulative capacity of 2950 MW) after a solar power supplier was selected. Rajasthan solar energy projects will create a conduit for increased solar power across India.

2950 MW Bikaner & District Projects

Land acquired by the Rajasthan Solar Park Development Company for three solar parks totalling 2450 MW in Bikaner district (two of 1000 MW each and one of 450 MW), under the India’s Rajasthan solar energy infrastructure in Bikaner district in 2015.

They also come under the Solar Park Scheme of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. Spread over three phases, these developments will ensure that Rajasthan’s solar energy will be fully utilized as well.

The site for it being only 500 MW, is supposed to be near Phalodi district, by NTPC Renewable Energy Limited. As allocated is a land of 910 hectares. this pick has an advantage of sufficient solar radiations, since plant of solar power was perfected at 250 kW and functioned for 330-335 days a year.

This project is using Rajasthan solar energy due to the fact that Rajasthan has a huge amount of solar radiation; thereby, Rajasthan is suitable for solar power plant.

Not only Rajasthan, but also some other developed countries using the solar energy, because solar power projects are able to harvest energy efficiently in regions which the sky has higher transparency. This is due to the humidity which the greater the humidity in the air, the less is the transparency.

Economic and Environmental Impact

Chief minister Bhajan Lal Sharma reiterated the multi-dimensional advantages of these Rajasthan solar energy projects, ‘These solar parks over and above our energy independence will enable us to build up regional economic growth and employment in Rajasthan.’ It will lead to huge employment opportunities and economic activities in the surrounding regions.

But beyond the economic boost, the environmental impact is enormous, too; advanced solar panels and grid technology placed in Rajasthan should boost its energy generation power, and also reduce carbon emissions by around 200,000 tons a year, to help mitigate climate-change worldwide.

Attracting Investments

These new Rajasthan solar energy parks are expected to attract investments of around Rs 10,000 crore and advance technology as well as infrastructure in Rajasthan’s renewable energy sector.

Rajasthan’s attempt to build these solar parks is a key landmark for the state’s renewable energy venture. Having abundant Rajasthan solar energy resources, it not only provides an energy-sufficient way but also helps the economic development and environmental conservation in the state.

Job Creation and Economic Impact

These renewable energy projects on the horizon, especially in Rajasthan’s solar energy sector, which now accounts for 2950 MW of installed capacity with a projected 12,500 MW of additional capacity ‘under the hammer’, meaning it has been given permission to build.

In total, these projects are projected to create about 14,750 jobs related to construction, maintenance and related services. This, in turn, will naturally stimulate demand for workers’ homes and services and goods within the local economy.

The economic multiplier effects are not just job creation. The Rs 10,000 crore investment will create demand for local businesses, encourage higher level of investment in Rajasthan, and provide fillip to the infrastructure construction of roads, rail line, etc. throughout Rajasthan.

In addition to the utilization of vacant land by the big companies for effective utilization, the creation of economic turmoil through Rajasthan solar energy projects will generate a congenial economic atmosphere in areas hosting the projects in Rajasthan.

National and Global Context

India occupies the fifth place in solar PV deployment, as of mid-2023, with solar capacity of 70.10 GW and Rajasthan solar energy projects playing a major role. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has further showcased the potential of solar energy in India through its various programmes such as the Solar Park Scheme.

By focusing on jobs and economic growth, Rajasthan’s new solar parks show the many benefits of investing in renewables.

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