June 26, 2024

Samaiden Develop Smart Solar Street Lighting Systems

Spurring the growth of the nascent renewable energy industry in Malaysia, Samaiden Group Bhd (KL: SAMAIDEN) has recently entered a strategic partnership with Gruppe Lighting Solution Sdn Bhd to provide a series of technically advanced intelligent smart solar street lighting systems.

Aiming to pioneer Malaysia’s infrastructures in a novel implementation of technologies and renewable energies.

Leading the Charge in Renewable Energy Innovation

Samaiden Group Bhd, which provides engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of clean energy systems, went public last year with a 14 per cent stake. It has contracts for solar photovoltaic, biomass and biogas systems.

The group is looking to increase the involvement of smaller companies in its business. ‘There’s a lot of potential. Small-craft solar panels installed in the lighthouse. Gruppe Lighting Solution Sdn Bhd is one of the world’s leading lighting-solution companies and has complementary competences alongside Samaiden’s solar PV know-how.

Advanced lighting technologies high on efficiency will be combined with Gruppe’s solar-panel solutions to create opportunities to deliver energy-efficient and sophisticated infrastructure solutions that enhance the urban lifestyle.

At the core of this partnership, is the development of smart solar street lighting systems with the Internet of Things (IoT) functionalities, consisting of solar panels for green energy generation, battery storage for more optimised energy use, and smart grid technologies for more efficient operation and maintenance.

Through the IoT, local lighting infrastructure can be monitored and controlled in-situ, allowing municipalities and urban planners to dynamically adjust lighting levels in response to traffic flow and other vehicular traffic patterns, and weather and environmental changes to ensure optimal weather conditions.

This adaptive capability of LED lighting enables public safety and security while also saving energy and reducing lighting-induced carbon emissions.

Impact on Urban Services and Sustainability Goals

This deployment of smart solar street lighting systems is going to be fundamental to services in cities that will help lower both energy consumption and operating expenses, thereby direct such as healthcare, education and public transportation.

Not just that, the structural shift behind sustainable urban infrastructure endorses Malaysia’s wider ambitions of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to combat the effects of climate change and usher in the era of responsible people resilience to future threats.

The Samaiden Group Bhd’s Managing Director, Chow Pui Hee, said: ‘This partnership is significant in that it will spur growth for both companies in a sustainable manner.

Gruppe Lighting Solution will be the first partner in Malaysia for Dow’s system blue solution. This new endeavor will see Gruppe collaborating with us to create smart cities built with energy-efficient infrastructures that will benefit the lives of residents.

Their strategic vision translates beyond technological innovation to strengthening environmental stewardship and community empowerment, where Samaiden is still committed to continue to develop the renewable energy sector in Malaysia, and innovative community development as part of its inclusive approach to development.

Economic and Financial Implications

Investors were taking the news positively, with confidence in Samaiden’s strategic moves boosting the confidence in its future in the sector of renewable energy. Shares of Samaiden closed 1.57% to RM1.29 on 21 April, a Wednesday, reinforcing investor confidence in the company stock’s growth in the sector of renewable energy. The stock has grown more than 16% so far this year.

The company’s next step is to accelerate its involvement in renewable energy companies while entering the smart infrastructure solutions sector. Samaiden has entered a strategic partnership with Gruppe Lighting Solution, exploring smart city opportunities and supporting sustainable development projects throughout the country.

Samaiden will remain steadfast in innovating and collaborating with industry partners to be a part of Malaysia’s drive towards having a more sustainable tomorrow; one that leads towards a future where there is renewable and clean energy for everyone – from both a sustainability and energy-delivery perspective.

Its smart solar street lighting systems are just one of its various initiatives on energy efficiency, technology and people.

In conclusion, this collaboration represents an extension of Samaiden Group Bhd’s leadership in providing unique engineering solutions to complex problems with renewable energy installations and sustainability considerations.

The symbiotic relationship of bringing IoT and the power of sun and clean energy technologies to the urban landscape embodies the new benchmarks that define the city of the future.

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