Our Cheap Used Solar Production Machines on Stock

At the moment we have some used Solar machines at stock for:

  • SOLD Stringing: Used 5 BB stringer (Brand: Solar Watt, Germany)
  • SOLD Stringing: New stringer up to 12 BB (Brand: J. v. G. technology, Germany)
  • Lamination: Used double laminator, 80 MW (Brand: Meier, Germany) - Price: 420.000 € exWorks
  • Lamination: Used laminator, 4 panels (Brand: Meier, Germany) - Price: 49.500 € exWorks
  • Flashing: New LED flasher (Brand: J. v. G. technology, Germany) - Price: 29.500 € exWorks

All machines are on stock, no reservation possible, first comes first gets! Details of the machines please have a look on the videos below.

Laminator Double (Brand: Meier)

Stringer New up to 12 BB (Brand: J. v. G.)

Laminator Used, 4 panels (Brand: Meier)

LED Flasher New (Brand: J. v. G. )

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