June 25, 2024

SSAP-TVEE Empowers 80 Nigerians With Solar Kiosks

Under President Bola Tinubu's Renewed Hope Mandate, his Senior Special Assistant has empowered 80 entrepreneurs by providing them with made-in-Nigeria solar kiosks and financial support.

Made-in-Nigeria Solar Kiosk

Abiola Arogundade, the Senior Special Assistant to President Bola Tinubu on Technical, Vocational, and Entrepreneurship Education (SSAP-TVEE), empowered several Nigerian entrepreneurs with 80 made-in-Nigeria solar kiosks. On June 21, she advanced the Renewed Hope mandate by providing Mrs Tijani Amina Oluwatobiloba, a single mother and hairdresser, with a solar-powered mobile kiosk and financial assistance of N500,000 to support her business.

Assistant Chief Information Officer Henry David stated that Arogundade donated to enhance her business and livelihood during an event at Wuse Shopping Plaza, Abuja. The statement noted that this followed Arogundade's earlier award of N100 million to 120 successful beneficiaries and participants in the UNLOCK training program. The initiative also supported 80 entrepreneurs by distributing solar kiosks, positively impacting numerous aspiring business owners.

At the event, Arogundade stressed the importance of enhancing technical, vocational, and entrepreneurial skills across Nigeria, emphasising the need to provide individuals with both skills and resources to grow their businesses. She mentioned that various programs are being developed to empower people who have skills but require support to advance them.

The Renewed Hope Agenda

Arogundade explained that the initiative includes training those who need skills, supporting those who already possess skills but need funding, and assisting individuals without a physical location by providing resources like solar kiosks. She noted that the decision to empower Tijani with the package was inspired by a story shared by the Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Kennedy-Onyejeocha.

“We are working on a variety of projects together, one of which is to empower people who already have talents but are unable to improve or advance their skills,” Arogundade stated. “So we thought about educating people that need the skills, assisting some that already have the capabilities but need finance, and some who have talents but don't have a physical site, like our daughter here, Amina, with solar kiosks.”

Tijani Amina Oluwatobiloba, the grateful recipient, was deeply moved and expressed her gratitude with tears of joy. She thanked the President, the Minister, and the SSA to the President for their generosity, noting the positive impact on her life. She thanked the Minister for making her known and appreciated the double kindness of receiving both the kiosk and N500,000, stating that they had given her back her life.

Arogundade underscored that these initiatives are in line with the Renewed Hope Agenda, which aims to strengthen technical, vocational, and entrepreneurship skills across Nigeria.

Revealing her Office's plan to empower more women across various states, not just in Abuja, based on their chosen skills, the TVEE head stated, "We are providing training in various skills. This truly aligns with the passion and vision of the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.”

Maintenance of the Solar Kiosks

Discussing the maintenance of the kiosks, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Technical, Vocational, and Entrepreneurship Education mentioned that her Office has trained artisans to construct and maintain the kiosks on-site. These artisans will perform routine checks and maintenance, particularly on the batteries, as needed. She also noted that the beneficiary owns the kiosk, and can relocate it freely without any restrictions.

Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Kennedy, highlighted the hardships of a single mother supporting her children through hair braiding and praised her dedication. She mentioned that SSAP-TVEE planned to donate a solar kiosk and N500,000 in grants to the Ministry. Kennedy decided to give these to Amina, a deserving recipient she knew, rather than to self-sufficient individuals. She credited the SSAP-TVEE and President Tinubu for their support, expressing gratitude for the grant and praising the President's commitment to helping the poor.

The empowerment of 80 Nigerian entrepreneurs with solar kiosks under President Bola Tinubu's Renewed Hope Mandate highlights a significant push towards sustainable energy solutions and vocational growth. Led by Senior Special Assistant Abiola Arogundade, this initiative provides essential solar-powered resources, profoundly impacting beneficiaries like Tijani Amina Oluwatobiloba and aligning with the vision of sustainable development and economic empowerment.

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