June 22, 2024

Summit Ridge Energy Secures 800 MW of Qcells Solar Panels for U.S. Projects

Summit Ridge Energy has strengthened its partnership with Qcells by committing to purchase an additional 800 MW of solar panels to support its expanding development pipeline.

Summit Ridge and Qcells to Develop 100 U.S. Solar Projects

Summit Ridge Energy is advancing its solar initiatives and increasing the accessibility of clean energy in numerous communities by expanding its collaboration with Qcells. Together, Summit Ridge and Qcells plan to develop 100 new community solar projects across the United States.

This partnership underscores the affordability and sustainability of solar energy, targeting a broader audience that may have previously been underserved in the clean energy sector. By prioritizing domestic manufacturing and job creation, this initiative demonstrates the positive societal impact of the clean energy economy.

Qcells to Manufacture Panels in Georgia Facility

Most of the panels will be produced at Qcells’ facility in Georgia. This contributes significantly to domestic manufacturing and the creation of jobs in the solar industry.

The enhanced partnership between both entities is strengthened by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which introduces significant tax incentives for domestic energy production and manufacturing. Summit Ridge and Qcells were pioneers in establishing domestic manufacturing agreements under the IRA. Also, Qcells will maintain its role in supplying Summit Ridge with battery storage and software solutions through distinct procurement agreements.

Furthermore, the Solar Energy Manufacturing for America Act, part of the IRA, is crucial in Qcells’ strategy to establish a comprehensive domestic supply chain. This initiative supports domestically manufactured solar infrastructure, fosters job creation, and assists companies like Summit Ridge during periods of uncertainty resulting from tariffs and global supply chain challenges.

"Through our partnership with Qcells, we contribute to domestic manufacturing and job creation, while also extending affordable clean energy to communities historically underserved by the clean energy transition" said Brian Dunn, chief operating officer of Summit Ridge Energy.

Summit Ridge Solar Projects to Benefit Low-Income Households

Many solar projects undertaken by Summit Ridge are eligible for IRA tax credits, offering thousands of low-income households increased access to savings through clean energy.

"By expanding our partnership with Summit Ridge Energy, we aim to extend access to the world's most affordable energy resource to more communities. This collaboration not only bolsters the domestic manufacturing sector and supports thousands of jobs in solar energy but also ensures that more people, particularly those historically underserved, can reap the benefits of the clean energy economy." said Justin Lee, CEO of Qcells.

As Summit Ridge Energy expands its development pipeline through the acquisition of 800 MW of Qcells solar panels, it solidifies its leadership in the shift towards clean energy. Focusing on community solar projects and collaborating with industry leaders such as Qcells, Summit Ridge Energy is actively advancing the renewable energy sector. This strategic investment in solar technology underscores the organization’s dedication to constructing a sustainable future driven by clean and dependable energy sources.

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