July 8, 2024

TCIL Seeks Consortium for 5 MW Solar Power Project at SECL Mines

Expression of Interest (EOI) by Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd. (TCIL) invites partnership from consortium to develop a 5 MW grid-connected solar power plant at Vivek Nagar Mines in Sohagpur Area of Southeastern Coalfields Limited.

The company will lead the consortium for the design, engineering, procurement, construction, erection, testing and commissioning phase undertaken, and TCIL is to remain responsible for a 10-year full Operation and Maintenance (O&M) phase.

A Step Forward in Renewable Energy

The interested bidder shall submit the bids for the technical and financial bid by 12:00PM on July 18, 2024, through GePNIC portal. GePNIC technical bid opening shall be held on the same day, at 3:30 PM. GePNIC financial bid opening shall be held after the technical bid opening at TBA by GeoPNIC in its sole discretion.

The financial criteria are stringent. For instance, the bidder must demonstrate an average annual financial turnover during the previous three financial years of at least 11.40 crore rupees (a little over $2.4 million as of 1 April 2023); a positive net worth as of the latest fiscal year-end; and a record of PBT in two of the previous three financial years.

In a boost to new businesses, startups have only to pay 9.5 crore rupees as their turnover. The project will only be open to business with innovative methods.

The TCIL Solar Power Project highlights the fact that TCIL is pursuing solar energy with the private sector to make a significant contribution to India’s renewable energy benefits, thereby facilitating sustainable development and reducing dependence on their energy demands from fossil fuels.

Financial and Technical Viability

An opening line for the Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd (TCIL) Solar Power Project where we will connect the most modern solar panel and related equipment at the Vivek Nagar Mines.

The power generated will be connected in grid network and flow directly to the main power transmission system without causing any damage to electrical lines.

To ensure the long-term operation of the plant at full capacity, TCIL will provide an O&M commitment of 10 years. These services will include routine maintenance, performance monitoring and upgrades to increase production to further implement this constantly evolving technology.

The fact that maintenance is for a full decade is a testimony to the company’s determination to ensure plant efficiency for the maximum amount of time.

Setting high bar for financial bids means that the project will need a lot of money to be done. Which is understandable, because it is a big project, and the country needs it to enhance its reach into the world.

The government perhaps sets high financial bid requirement with the hope that it will attract good, experienced and committed bidders for a successful and lasting project.

Contribution to Renewable Energy Goals

Apart from this, the Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd (TCIL) Solar Power Project is a part of India's wider goal of adding renewable energy sources to the country's energy mix and curbing environmental contamination by reducing the share of greenhouse gases.

Moreover, the location of this project near the Vivek Nagar Mines itself shows how the land utilization of a defunct resource is being creatively harnessed towards producing a renewable power source.

These can be referred for more details and interested parties can submit their bids before deadline. TCIL Solar Power project gives immense opportunity to private players to join renewable energy bandwagon of India to build greener future.

The TCIL Solar Power Project harks of a harsher, browner tomorrow. Developing a 5 MW solar power plant at the Vivek Nagar Mines, TCIL is not only setting up the region’s power resources but also aiding India in its mission for sustainability of today.

The envisions a consortium that encourages strong partners to engage in a joint endeavor to promote clean and plentiful energy resources.

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