June 20, 2024

Zen Center of Denver Unveils 9.7-kWDC Solar Installation 

The Zen Center of Denver (ZCD), in collaboration with RE-volv, celebrated the launch of their new 9.7-kWDC solar installation.

Zen Center of Denver Celebrates Solar Milestone

The Zen Center of Denver (ZCD), in collaboration with RE-volv, marked the activation of their new 9.7-kWDC solar system with a celebratory event. The event featured an open house, food trucks, brief speeches, and educational sessions on solar power for guests interested in adopting solar solutions for their own homes.

Zen Center of Denver’s Commitment to Sustainability

The center anticipates saving close to $80,000 in electricity expenses over the next two decades. By utilizing solar energy, they are also reducing emissions associated with traditional power sources such as coal and natural gas.

Despite Colorado's ample sunshine and supportive solar policies, the state predominantly relies on fossil fuels for electricity generation. Research indicates that when nonresidential businesses and nonprofits adopt solar energy, it serves as a crucial catalyst to encourage residents across the state to follow suit. Moreover, recent adjustments under the Inflation Reduction Act now enable tax-exempt organizations to receive substantial cash rebates, amounting to 30% or more of the total cost of installing a solar system.

Zen Center of Denver board member, Joyce McLaren said "I am delighted to have facilitated the Zen Center's transition to solar energy. The savings will directly support our mission, including offering mindfulness classes to the community. Beyond financial benefits, there are significant environmental and health advantages from cutting emissions tied to electricity consumption. This solar initiative exemplifies the Zen principle of taking Right Action to alleviate suffering in the world."

Zen Center of Denver's Solar Partnership with RE-volv

Through partnership with RE-volv, ZCD will enjoy a 15% reduction in their monthly electricity costs compared to purchasing power from the utility. The solar system at ZCD was installed by Bluecore Solar, which is also available to install systems for other residents and nonprofits interested in solar energy across Colorado.

RE-volv is a nonprofit organization which focuses on climate justice, supports nonprofits in historically marginalized communities nationwide by facilitating their transition to solar energy. They also promote equitable climate solutions, educate future leaders in clean energy, and have successfully funded solar projects for over 70 nonprofits across 18 states. These initiatives have collectively saved these organizations over $20 million in electricity costs, enabling them to better serve their 50,000 beneficiaries. RE-volv’s installations of over 4 MW of solar capacity to date will prevent the emission of 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide throughout the systems' lifespans.

"RE-volv is excited to partner with the Zen Center of Denver, enabling them to spearhead the adoption of solar energy in their community. This collaboration aims to strengthen the Zen Center's dedication to sustainability, bridging their teachings of mindfulness with practical steps towards a more sustainable and equitable future." said Andreas Karelas, executive director and founder of RE-volv.

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