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3 Weeks to a Perfect PV Panel Production Business Plan

In our e-course we guide you through the whole process of making a business plan including making all the financial calculations. In this course, we provide all the sheets and formulas you need to make a professional presentation for your factory. Everybody can do it!

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    Personal WhatsApp support: throughout the course, we (Mr. Patrick Thoma and Mr. Johann von Gott Thoma) will be available personally for  your questions.
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    Save time and costs: our course is much cheaper than a professional due diligence company and it is much faster than doing all on your own!
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    Get all the know how: benefit from our 20 years experience in the PV business and become a real expert on your own.
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    From real experts: we have been producing solar modules for more than 10 years in our own production in Europe.

What Our Customers Say

Huge Knowledge

Prof. Dr. Karabanov

Hans knows nearly everything in this business. We discussed not only about normal solar but also about research, new technologies in the market and the future of the solar business. It was nice to discuss in Germany!

Kahtan Deab Abedalrhman

Pv course

Very professional Excellent

Technical information

01: The Written Part of the Business Plan

02: The Hard Facts, all Figures for Your Cacluation

03: EXCEL calculation

04: Management Summary

P.S: The complete course is personal assisted. You can contact the instructors as often as you need them. Contact by phone, Skype, WhatsApp or e-mail.

Even personal meetings in Germany are possible!

Some Examples of 


  • List of all materials needed for a solar module
  • Detailed prices of all materials
  • Detailed information about the man count for administration, sales, factory and other stuff
  • Requirements for the factory building
  • Monthly based 5 years cash flow plan
  • Monthly based 5 years investments plan - from order to delivery, ramp to real production
  • Capacity planning based on the product(s) you want to produce
  • Creating your strategy for sales
  • Finding our your USP for your marketing
  • Calculation for your costs and capacity based on the different products you want to sell
  • All calculations based on watt

20 Years Experience

More than 100 business plans and more than 20 years experience in the solar production business makes us unique in the solar business. You can benefit from our long term experience and our running production line in Poland to become a real expert in the solar module production business.

Johann von Gott Thoma

Johann von Gott Thoma

I made my first products for the solar industry more than 20 years ago in 1996. I invented a patent to solder solar cells in a reflow soldering process. The patent is now open for all and nearly every stringer on the market is using this process.

Since 2001 I have been consulting for solar module startups all over the world. With the start of our online e-course, we are now taking the next step to help even more people be successful producers of solar panels.

Patrick Thoma

Patrick Thoma

I have been making business plans since 2003. In 2006, together with my father and one investor, I started our own solar module production line in Europe.

I have been a shareholder of this company for more than 10 years. From 2005-2009, I was CEO of this company and was completely involved in all production processes. My goal is to help other entrepreneurs start their own local production in their country.

“Patrick answered every question I had"

“For me solar business was completely new, so I had to get the full picture of this business. Patrick never gave me the feeling that my questions are stupid and I got an answer to every problem."

Mohammed S. / Egypt

“Huge Knowledge"

“Hans knows nearly everything in this business. We discussed not only about normal solar but also about research, new technologies in the market and the future of the solar business. It was nice to discuss in Germany!"

Mr. Victor Karabanov / Russia

Be a Solar Expert

You can ask external experts to make a business case for you. Than you will get a complete overview about the market and a perfect business plan. Besides the fact, that this will cost you a lot more than making it together with us and the e-course, you will have another problem: You do not know anything about the business!

With making the course together with us, you will become a solar expert! You will be able to answer every question about your business, the costs and the profit by yourself.

So the result of our course is not only a perfect business plan but also a personal training for your expertise!

Cheaper Than Other Consulting Services

Doing professional due diligence with an external company will easily cost you $50,000 and in the end, most of these companies have no concept of solar module production. In the past, we have also offered "offline consulting" for business plans and asked for $30,000 and more...

With an online e-course with personal support, we can help more customers for a much better price: only about a tenth of the cost!

14 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

You have the chance to test the e-course for 14 days. If you are not satisfied with the course, then you will get your money back, 100%! No questions, no reasons.

“My Partners Trusted in My Expertise "

“My idea to start a solar module production line was there for more than 2 years. I had 2 partners that also thought about it. After we all made the decision to start with the business plan an I went through all the chapters, I was able to answer all the questions of my partners based on facts. Finally we started a small line with 5 MW where we make special panels for private house owners."

Mr. Goyal / India

Frequently Asked Questions

I have never made a plan before; can it be successful?

Will it really last only 3 weeks?

I do not know how big, automated/not automated and all the other things - can I start with this course?

When should I start with the plan, if I do not have any investor now?

After making this plan: are you available for consulting later?

More questions? Contact us!

P.S: You have to take your chances in your life once you have them! If you wait too long, then this offer will not be available anymore. If you try to make it by yourself, someone else may be faster and start a solar module production line before you!