The Solar Industry Is Booming

Make Big Profits from Your Own Solar Module Production Line

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Hans - Solar & Tech Expert

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Hans - Solar & Tech Expert

Patrick - Finance Expert



WE HELP NEWCOMERS... the solar industry start their own solar module production line. Customers can make BIG PROFITS by selling modules and finding investors, without wasting money and time on things they don't need!

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Hans & Patrick Thoma

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Last Solar news from all over the world  🌍

Last Solar news from all over the world  🌍

Last Solar news froM All over the world  🌍

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Renewable energy becoming a major pillar of the Syrian economic strategic plan more


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We teach you step-by-step methods for investing in solar module production. No knowledge is needed - we are your partners for the entire project.


How much investment is needed for the machines? What sizes do you need to start a solar module production line?
In our free E-course, we tell you everything you need to know - for free!


Do you need a business plan? We tell you everything to include in your solar business plan so you can find investors for your project.

Mr. Hofmann / Iran

"Very Detailed Information"

Tirdat Hofmann The information where very detailed and I got answers to every question I had. I liked the direct WhatsApp support. Thanks a lot!!!


Like  Reply  19. August 2019 at 11:17

"Patrick answered every question I had"

Mohammed S. For me solar business was completely new, so I had to get the full picture of this business. Patrick never gave me the feeling that my questions are stupid and I got an answer to every problem.

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About pvknowhow

Kahtan Deab Abedalrhman Pv course Very professional Excellent Technical information


Like  Reply  4h

Mr. Ramadani / Macedonian

"Finally it was a very good decision"

Mr. Ramadani At the beginning I was not sure if it is possible to make a finance plan only with an e-course, but with the personal assistance it was very easy and I got a great result. Thanks to Patrick for the discussions and help.

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About pvknowhow

"My Partners Trusted in My Expertise"

Mr. Goyal My idea to start a solar module production line was there for more than 2 years. I had 2 partners that also thought about it. After we all made the decision to start with the business plan an I went through all the chapters, I was able to answer all the questions of my partners based on facts. Finally we started a small line with 5 MW where we make special panels for private house owners.


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About pvknowhow

"Huge Knowledge"

Prof. Dr. Karabanov Hans knows nearly everything in this business. We discussed not only about normal solar but also about research, new technologies in the market and the future of the solar business. It was nice to discuss in Germany!

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About pvknowhow

"Good support"

Mr. Naidoo I liked the way of making the plan. With the support I could easy go through all the parts of the business plan.


Like  Reply  14. May 2020 at 14:22

About pvknowhow

James Muchiri Hi Patrick,
I would like to confirm we have learned many things from pvknowhow and the business plan course.
We are ready with our plannings now.


Like  Reply  10h

About pvknowhow

"Very informative business plan"

Jess Radana Thank you very much about the very informative business plan. Hopes soon be materialized.

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The Solar Industry is booming

Ready to make the investment?

Ready to make the investment?

Ready to make the investment?

Make Big Profits from Your Own Solar Module Production Line