Free E-Course: First Steps for Your Solar Module Production


  • How many MW: the perfect size for your factory
  • Automation: full or low automation?
  • Total investment: what will be the invest in machines, building, ramp up and so on?

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These are PDF versions of the boards that appear in the course videos below  (click on the link to open the PDF file) .

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Bonus: How to Start a Small Production

What you will learn:

  • Production steps: How to produce a solar module
  • Machineries needed for a small production
  • Turn key or do it yourself?
  • Minimum budget for a small line

Bonus: Example Line For 98.000 EUR

One Detailed example:

You do not need millions of Euro to start a small (5MW) solar module production line . With a total invest of below 100.000 EUR you will need about 30.000 EUR own capital to become your own solar module producer!

We will show you how to do this!

Our service for small budget invest for solar production will guide you step by step through all the points.

Bonus: Gigawatt Factory

Think big and start with a very big solar module production line with a size of up to 1,2 GW (1200 MW).

3 Weeks to a Perfect ​Solar ​Module Production Business Plan

- Complete plan: All details you need banks and investors will ask for. Made in Word and Excel. - Financial modeling: Complete financial plan for 5 years including ramp up phase. - All important figures: For example ROI, P&L, cash flow, balance sheet, management summary and more! - You will be an expert: After this course you will be an expert in solar!


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