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We help you to be a Solar Module Producer

In a 30 minutes call we both talk about your plans to start a solar module production. We define your budget and we try to find out the best strategy for you to become an own producer for solar modules. I will help you to find out what line you can start with your budget, if automation makes sense or what should be the focus for the machineries.

This First Service is Absolutely Free

You will not have to pay for this strategy call, it is a free consulting offer. After this 30 minutes we both can decide if we want to work together in the future or not.

My Time is Limited

My time is limited, I have only some slots free every week to make free consulting. For that reason you should decide if you are really the right one for this call.

you are the Right one ... If:

  • You are sure you want to start your solar module production business NOW
  • You are the decision maker: You are no consultant or advisor
  • You are able to get at least 30.000 € for your business
  • You have technical know how or you have a partner with technical know how

Please note: If you confirm a meeting for a call than this is a binding time line! We have to meet exactly at this time at exactly on this day! I respect your time and I expect you to do the same :-)

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If you are not available at given dates above you can write a WhatsApp message

+49 1515 6666360

Please write messages only, no calls!

Who We Are

Patrick Thoma

Financial Expert

Johann von Gott Thoma

Solar and Tech Expert

Hi, we are Patrick and Johann and we help customers start their own local solar module production line.
If you want to start in the solar module production business, then you are absolutely in the right place. We tell you what and how to do it!

More than 20 Years Experience For Your Success!

We have been in the solar business for more than 20 years (Johann) and more than 10 years (Patrick). We have made over 100 business plans and helped factories all over the world get started with solar module production. We have our own 60 MW production line in Europe (Poland) - so we know what we are talking about!