July 10, 2024

EDF Inaugurates 480-MW Solar Farm in Chile

French utility EDF inaugurated the 480-MW CEME1 solar farm in Chile’s Atacama Desert and announced plans for a co-located battery energy storage system (BESS) project.

CEME 1 Solar Farm: A Landmark in Chile's Renewable Energy Landscape

Chile's largest solar farm, CEME 1, spans 435 hectares (1,075 acres) in the Atacama Desert and features 882,000 advanced solar panels. The CEME 1 Solar Farm represents a significant milestone in Chile's renewable energy efforts and the broader global transition to sustainable power sources.

Chile's Largest Solar Farm Powers 500,000 Homes

The solar farm was developed by Generadora Metropolitana, a joint venture between EDF and Chilean energy company AME, this solar farm is situated seven kilometres from Maria Elena. CEME 1 will generate enough energy to power 500,000 households and prevent the emission of 280,000 tons of CO2 annually.

CEME 1 incorporates innovative features aimed at enhancing efficiency and sustainability. These include a fixed structure design with modules oriented east and west to maximize solar energy capture throughout the day, along with automated panel cleaning processes expected to slash water consumption by up to 90%.

Generadora Metropolitana Enhances Solar Farm with 1,200 MWh Battery Project

Generadora Metropolitana is also developing a 1,200 MWh battery project to store the energy generated, enhancing the plant's efficiency and ensuring a consistent, reliable supply of renewable energy to the Chilean energy grid.

Béatrice Buffon, Chairman of EDF Renewables, said "EDF is pleased to support Chile's energy transition through the establishment of this significant solar facility, which forms a crucial component of our hybrid thermal and renewable energy platform in the country. The inauguration of CEME 1 marks a milestone for both Chile and EDF, underscoring its scale and innovative construction techniques. This project reinforces our commitment to advancing towards a carbon-neutral and sustainable future while enhancing EDF's presence in Chile."

EDF's Commitment to Renewable Energy

EDF, a prominent French utility company, leads the global energy transition. Established in 1946, EDF has become one of the world's largest electricity producers, focusing heavily on nuclear and renewable energy. Operating in over 20 countries, EDF boasts a diverse portfolio encompassing nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, and solar power. EDF has 770 MW of installed renewables capacity in Chile.

As the world's largest nuclear power operator, EDF manages 58 reactors in France and additional reactors in the United Kingdom, China, and the United States. The company's dedication to renewable energy is highlighted by its significant investments in wind, solar, and hydropower projects.

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