June 24, 2024

L&T Secures Landmark Order for 185 MW Solar Plant in Bihar

In what will be one of the biggest domestic orders towards renewable energy transformation in the country, Larsen and Toubro’s (L&T) Power Transmission Distribution (PTD) division has bagged yet another major order.

The company announced the signing of a contract to undertake the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) work for a 185 MW solar PV plant and a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) with a multiple MWh capacity, in Bihar.

This project will be a beacon project and a big stride in renewable energy space for Bihar as it adds to its renewable energy strategy to enable the state to achieve the energy demands of growing population and battle climate change.

Transforming Bihar's Energy Landscape

Kajra in the Lakshisarai district of Bihar is slated to be the new land on which L&T will establish its new project.

The integration of renewable energy solutions in Bihar by this project is part of the state government’s longer-term plan to tap into modern energy while encouraging its sustainable development and environmental protection.

The BESS, in this case, a solar PV plant supported by 254 MWh of storage capacity, will make good the difference by storing the solar output when demand is light and releasing it at peak times.

Among others, the Battery Energy Storage System is intended to provide frequency regulation, voltage support, and regulation of the short-term fluctuations of generation itself.

The BESS can also be used for black starting the grid (entertaining the possibility of a quick restart after downtimes for faulty operations and other blackouts), which makes it a very valuable resource for grid stability and reliability.

Expanding Renewable EPC Portfolio

This will add to PT&D’s 18 GWp - Gigawatt Peak- equivalent to 18 GW of capacity for annual production of already executed and ongoing renewable EPCs portfolio, solar and wind generation projects that were commissioned and are under construction.

“Our experience in handling over 1.5 GWh of storage in BESS further establishes L&T as the preferred EPC partner for many developers across geographies” says A Ravindran, Senior Vice President and Head of Renewable Strategic Business Group at PT&D.

Amit Anwani, Research Analyst at Prabhudas Lilladher Pvt Ltd, told CNBC-TV18 that this new order alone will significantly increase LT’s year-to-date order intake, which is approximately between Rs. 55 billion to Rs. 125 billion.

For LT, mega order is between Rs 5,000 crore to Rs 7,0000 crore, and above Rs 7,0000 crore is mega order. Significant order is between Rs 1000 crore to 25000 crore and large order is between Rs 25000 crore to 50000 crores.

A Bright Future for Renewable Energy

L&T’s focus on renewable energy is reflected in its rapidly expanding order book and an ongoing series of large projects. The company has remained committed to innovation and sustainability in the energy space.

India’s largest solar power plant, the 185 MW solar PV plant and the 254 MWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in Bihar, has been constructed by L Keynote has you covered if you are looking to using Keynote Speaker Day for your presentation needs.

Add to it the company already having a cumulative capacity of 18 GWp (Gigawatt Peak) of solar and wind generation projects commissioned, and its obvious why L&T is a leader in the renewable energy sector.

It also is one of the world’s largest power and water utility infrastructure providers. As populations grow and more people automate their lives, power usage will need to rise to sustain energy requirements.

L&T finds a critical aspect of its strategies to directly combat climate crisis. By substantially reducing carbon footprints, its contribution is making parallel efforts to keep the world cool. In conclusion, L&T’s renewable energy projects reflect its commitment to social responsibility and innovation in tackling the challenges of sustainable development.

As the largest conglomerate spearheading India’s energy transition, its initiatives shall continue providing impetus, inspiration and motivation for the critical move towards more sustainable energy practices globally.

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