May 29, 2024

Largest Solar PV in Sweden Under Construction

Construction is underway on Sweden's largest rooftop solar system, a 14 MW array on a DSV warehouse, with Brion Solenergi and CP utilizing helicopter lifts for efficiency, integrating JinkoSolar and Sungrow products to achieve 25% energy self-sufficiency, with excess power for electric vehicle charging or grid sale.

Solar PV System With 14 MW Capacity

Brion Solenergi, in collaboration with CP for mounting, has commenced construction on Sweden's largest rooftop PV system installation. Helicopter lifts are being utilized for efficiency over cranes. The project involves a 14 MW solar array situated atop a warehouse owned by Danish transport company DSV. JinkoSolar and Sungrow products are integrated into the facility, aiming to achieve 25% energy self-sufficiency. Excess power generated will be allocated to electric vehicle charging or sold to the grid.

The warehouse, owned by Danish transport firm DSV, is funding the installation of solar panels, with assistance from CPX, a Dutch company specializing in mounting systems. CPX is utilizing its Wave installation system in collaboration with Brion Solenergi for the setup.

24,000 Panels To be Installed

Spanning an area of 100,000 square meters, the solar array will incorporate nearly 24,000 panels, marking the largest project of its kind in the Nordic region. Pejman Eidisson, CPX's sales manager for the Nordics, disclosed to PV Magazine that the project will utilize JinkoSolar Tiger Neo 72Hl4-(V) solar modules alongside Sungrow 350 kW inverters.

To expedite the installation process, helicopters are being employed to lift the panels into position, deemed more cost-effective than cranes by Brion Solenergi CEO Olle Blandin. This approach is expected to accomplish the roofing material placement within 10 days, compared to an estimated three months using cranes.

DSV stated that its warehouse will need only around 25% of the electricity it generates to achieve complete self-sufficiency. The surplus energy will be stored in batteries for electric vehicle charging purposes or can be sold back to the local electricity grid.

Sweden's Incentives for Solar Panel Installations

Sweden's commitment to sustainability presents an enticing opportunity for individuals and businesses seeking both financial gain and environmental impact through solar panel installations. The government offers various incentives and subsidies, such as the Energy Investment Grant and net metering programs, which can significantly offset installation costs and allow for the sale of excess energy back to the grid.

Installing solar panels not only reduces monthly energy bills but also offers the potential to generate surplus electricity, which can be sold for additional income or used during low sunlight periods. Sweden's Green Certificate system further rewards renewable energy producers by providing certificates for every megawatt-hour of electricity generated, creating yet another avenue for income generation. As of the end of last year, Sweden's collective solar capacity exceeded 4 GW.

For those unable to afford upfront costs, options like solar leasing and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) provide alternatives, allowing property owners to benefit from solar energy without the initial investment. Additionally, integrating energy storage solutions like batteries can maximize savings by storing excess energy for use during periods of limited sunlight.

EU Advocates for More Rooftop Solar Installations

Legislation passed by the European Parliament in March mandates EU member states to incorporate solar installations into forthcoming construction projects. A recent report from the Climate Action Network Europe highlighted that member states have not been meeting the increasing demand for rooftop solar installations.

Investing in solar panels is a long-term strategy that not only yields immediate financial returns but also enhances property value and attracts environmentally conscious buyers. Community solar projects offer opportunities for those unable to install panels individually to participate in larger-scale installations, generating income while contributing to community-wide sustainability efforts. Overall, solar power in Sweden presents a lucrative and environmentally friendly investment opportunity aligned with the nation's clean energy goals.

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