July 8, 2024

NDMC Partners with SECI for 200 MW Solar Power

Showcasing a major lead on the path towards energy sustainability, NDMC has announced plans to acquire 200 MW of power from solar sources as the first phase of its wider initiative to reach all-out ‘Green Power’ by 2025.

100% Green Energy by 2025

NDMC through its enterprise Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) have approved a bid to buy 200 MW of solar power for a period of 25 years. Such solar power is to be procured from the market at a tariff of approximately ₹2.61/kWh.

This tactical move was finalized recently at a council meeting, as the country moves to cut electricity deficit and develop renewable energy.

Obtaining Solar Power through the National Capital Municipal Council (NDMC) is a crucial component of its energy policy and will help the city become the first municipality in the country to use 100 per cent green power by 2025. This is a visionary and commendable goal.

This initiative which would showcase the commitment for NDMC towards sustainability could also act as an example for other municipalities across the country.

Meeting Energy Demands

The New Delhi area, at peak summer demand, needs 450 MW of electricity per day. The NDMC is planning to have a demand supply capacity of up to 525 MW per day, so that even peak loads can be met with the requirement of 450 MW per day.

The provision of 200 MW of Solar Power is the next step towards obtaining an energy supply of this kind that can be counted on to satisfy these needs.

Although Solar Power will be sourced at ₹2.61/kWh, it is a very cost friendly renewable energy resource. This is because solar energy is also renewable as it shall reduce dependence on fossil fuels and creates less harmful greenhouse gas to the country.

This accords with international developments in combatting climate change and ensures a healthy and pollution-free environment for the future.

Its goal of becoming fully ‘green energy’ by 2025 – while green energy can come from various sources including nuclear – is a good indication of how serious it is taking long-term sustainability. Putting money into solar energy today is not only about meeting today’s energy needs. It is also investing for the future energy mix.

It is also hoped that this programme will encourage other cities and institutions to follow suit. Over the long term, NDMC also aims to turn New Delhi into a case study of effective urban environmentalism.

If the energy plan is successful, it could become a model for other municipalities and nations. In this way, this plan promised not only energy, but also a legacy of stewardship, resilience and sustainability for our loved ones.

Encouraging Investment in Solar Power

The NDMC Solar Power programme provides an example of why it is worth constructing more solar plants and what are the advantages of solar energy. With the advancement of technology and decline of costs of solar power systems, the spreading of solar power capabilites will surely gather more momentum.

This project shows how municipalities can use the Solar energy for their energy needs and some contribution to environmental conservation as well. In conclusion, by this project New Delhi Municipal Council shows one step forward to achieve 100 per cent green energy by 2025.

This scheme, in collaboration with SECI, not only takes us a step further towards bridging New Delhi’s energy deficit but, as more agencies follow NDMC’s footsteps, it may also create a new genre for sustainable energy solutions.

In the coming years, powered by construction projects like the one on Raja Garden, the skyline of New Delhi shall appear cleaner and greener than ever.

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