June 25, 2024

Nottinghamshire Solar Park to Create Over 400 Jobs

The Great North Road Solar Park in Nottinghamshire aims to create hundreds of jobs and generate enough clean energy to power all homes in the county. It anticipates creating 400 jobs during construction and 60 permanent positions thereafter.

Providing 460 Jobs Alongside Clean Energy

Nottinghamshire solar park plans could create hundreds of jobs if approved, according to the developer. The proposed Great North Road Solar Park near Newark is expected to generate enough clean energy to power every home in the county. Developer Elements Green estimates that around 400 jobs will be created during the construction phase, with an additional 60 permanent positions once the park becomes operational.

Mark Noone, head of UK development, highlighted that the benefits of the Great North Road Solar Park extend beyond lower bills and cleaner energy. He emphasized the creation of numerous secure, well-paying jobs during construction, with a lasting legacy of skilled positions once the site is operational.

"The Great North Road Solar Park's benefits aren't just limited to cheaper bills and greener energy," said Mark Noone. "Hundreds of secure, well-paid jobs will be created during construction, and the project's legacy will include scores of skilled positions once the site is operational.”

Mr Noone continued, "While the Great North Road Solar Park is merely a proposal, the benefits it may offer to this area - such as jobs, community money, and cleaner energy - are enormous. And all of this demonstrates our intention to create a long-term and beneficial economic difference in the area with the Great North Road Solar Park.”

Skills Training Opportunities for Local Residents

Noone noted that a significant portion of these jobs would be in engineering, alongside opportunities for administrative and support roles, many of which could be filled locally. He emphasized that these positions would offer stable employment with fair wages, aiming to positively impact families in the area, similar to the project itself.

“These will be good employment that are permanent and pay a fair wage. And, like the Great North Road Solar Park, we believe they will positively impact the lives of families in the neighbourhood,” He stated.

Noone also mentioned that details about skills training opportunities for local residents would be announced separately in the coming months.

1.5 million Solar Panels to be Installed

According to NottinghamshireLive, if given the green light, the project would involve installing approximately 1.5 million solar panels to generate cleaner energy, contributing significantly to achieving the UK Government's Solar PV target of 70GW by 2050.

Elements Green, the developer, intends to establish a large-scale solar panel array known as the 'Great North Road Solar Park' near Maplebeck, Ossington, and North Muskham villages. Proposed designs depict a circular configuration of solar panels spanning approximately four miles in width, to be situated northwest of Newark, between the A1 and A617 highways.

Consultation began in January, on a groundbreaking solar farm near Newark, poised to become the largest in the UK. The Great North Road Solar Park was among several ambitious energy projects recently proposed for Nottinghamshire. This scheme, planned for an area northwest of Newark, could generate up to 800MW, powering 400,000 homes—equivalent to the entire population of Nottinghamshire.

The area's suitability for solar development was partly due to the availability of a connection at National Grid's Staythorpe substation, a legacy of the region's history in power generation. Nottinghamshire's shift from coal-fired power to renewable energy was also evident with the planned world's first fusion power plant at the former West Burton A power station site.

70GW Goal 2035

Government targets aimed for 70GW of solar power by 2035, significantly increasing from 15GW in 2023. The north and Midlands became key areas for new solar projects. Nottinghamshire residents shared their views on the GNR solar park proposals in February, this year.

Project Director Mark Noone emphasized the importance of local community input in shaping the GNR Solar Park proposals. He assured that the project would be developed responsibly, with ongoing collaboration with residents, businesses, and community organizations.

As the demand for green energy rose, the number of solar applications across the country was expected to grow, with lasting impacts on local communities.

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