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You have a High Potential for Your Solar Module Production Line

You are located in a country with one of the following constellations:

  • Cheap energy costs but very sunny region
  • Medium energy costs and medium sunny region
  • Very expensive energy costs and a less sunny region (for example like Germany)

In any case power from solar modules is much cheaper than the normal power from the utility companies.

This means:

People are Saving a Lot of Money with Using Solar Modules

Saving money is one of the most important reasons for house owners or companies to make solar modules on the roof top or on a field for using the electricity by them selves.

If it is much cheaper - in a long term - to make your own power than buying it from the utility company, than solar is like an investment!

You are in a region where the owner of solar modules will get the full money back in about 10 years! After this time the electrical power will be completely free (lifetime of a solar panel is 20-40 years).

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