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You have a Potential for Your Solar Module Production Line

You are located in a country with one of the following constellations:

  • Cheap energy costs but very sunnny region
  • Medium energy costs and "medium" sunny region

This means:

Power from Solar is Cheaper than the utility company

People will safe money by using power from their own solar modules on the roof top.

This and some other reasons (becoming independent from the power supply, environmental protection) moves to buy solar modules.

Better Start Now than later when another one will be faster

Maybe the market is just at the beginning now but there is a market! It might be the right time now to start with a small production line and start with marketing for solar modules.

With a small line of 5-20 MW you will be able to make a small profit and you will be ready for the real start of your market.

For example if there will be a feed in tariff in the future, the market will explode! Than you are the first one to participate on this boom.

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