July 8, 2024

Victoria Invests $4M to Boost Residential Solar

Having banned gas connections for all new homes requiring a planning permit, the Victorian government has allocated over $4 million (USD 2.7 million) to enhance residential solar adoption and energy-efficient hot water systems through its Residential Electrification Grants program.

More than $4 million will be allocated to seven commercial providers to support the large-scale installation of rooftop solar and electric hot water systems, as the Victorian government advances its plan to transition to all-electric homes throughout the state.

Solar Victoria Launches Grants for Solar Installations in 50 Homes

Solar Victoria, managing the government's grants program, announced that the scheme will offer rebates directly to organizations. This will facilitate the bulk installation of rooftop solar and electric hot water systems in at least 50 homes each.

Providers installing solar and/or electric hot water systems in over 50 new or existing homes will receive rebates. Before funds are allocated by Solar Victoria, providers must show evidence of completed installations. Individual rebates, which include up to $1,400 for solar and $1,000 for hot water systems, must be directly passed on to eligible homeowners as benefits.

Grants Program to Accelerate Shift to All-Electric Homes

Victorian Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio highlighted that the program is speeding up the shift to all-electric homes, following the state's recent mandate that all new dwellings, apartments, and residential subdivisions requiring a permit must connect to all-electric networks.

"The Residential Electrification Grants program aims to expand solar adoption by extending its reach and scope, promoting innovative use of solar energy." D’Ambrosio said.

Global Energy Solutions Implements Solar System in Latrobe Valley Town

One of the approved providers under the grants program is Global Energy Solutions, based in Victoria. They will supply and install rooftop PV and electric hot water systems in a new 100-block subdivision located in the Latrobe Valley town of Moe.

Other successful applicants include UPowr, a solar and battery provider integrating solar panel installations into the construction of all-electric homes in Melbourne, and AusNet, a Victorian network operator. AusNet aims to upgrade gas appliances and install solar PV systems for vulnerable customers.

Solar Victoria reported that the Residential Electrification Grants program received 40 expressions of interest from organizations, requesting $39 million in funding. This significant investment underscores the Victorian government's commitment to a sustainable and energy-efficient future by promoting residential solar energy adoption and supporting the transition to all-electric homes.

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