June 28, 2024

500 MW Solar Power Initiatives in Oman to Meet Growing Demand

Solar power initiatives have taken a step further in Oman by Nama Water and Energy Procurement where it revealed the names of the prequalified companies for the development of the “Ibri 3” solar power project at Tag Appu in Al Dhahirah Governorate.

This will be preceded by a disqualification tender for the 500 MW pilot project (which we estimate costs OMR 155 million) and other solar PV projects with a cumulative production capacity of 500 MW.

Diverse Participation from Global Companies

A solar power project in Oman is a key milestone in the government’s plan for energy diversification and innovation It is a turnkey project on a build-own-operate basis using a fully competitive and totally transparent procurement process.

In response to the prequalification advertisement, Nama received 12 requests from nine different countries via 12 local and international corporations. Nama has shortlisted nine firms from Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, South Korea, Singapore, France, and Japan.

Companies that have been selected for the project are the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar), ACWA Power from Saudi Arabia, the National Trading Company Riyadh from Saudi Arabia, Korea Midland Power, Jinko Power from China, Sembcorp Utilities from Singapore, Total Energies Renewables, EDF Renewables, Korea Western Power and Sumitomo Corporation from Japan.

The development of the project by Nama Water and Energy Procurement is nearing its end with its tender document in the final stages for issue to prequalified developers, and issue is expected to be procured following appropriate approvals.

Solar Power Initiatives in Oman

‘Ibri 3’ is the fourth solar project implemented by the Nama Water and Energy Procurement company and comes after the ‘Ibri 2’ project that became commercially operational in the summer 2021. It also precedes the two solar projects currently under construction, namely ‘Manah 1’ and ‘Manah 2’.

Through these, they are adopting the regional approach of grid-connected projects under the leadership of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals and the Authority for Public Services Regulation, as part of the Vision 2040 objectives for the sector regarding power generation capacity for Oman.

The global solar energy market is projected to growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.5 per cent over 2023-30, with the Middle East playing a leading role (especially Oman, where high level of solar irradiance acts in tandem with heavy investment into renewable energy infrastructures.

Pioneering Solar Energy Projects in Oman

Meanwhile, Nama Water and Energy Procurement, and Abu Dhabi-based water desalination and transmission company, is leading an effort by state-backed utilities to commercialize solar energy projects in Oman that are now a regional model.

The Ibri 3 project, like the two predecessors, is yet another step forward in Oman’s blueprint for expanding the use of solar energy to meet future energy needs – and what the rest of the world will turn to.

Oman’s new Ibri 3 Solar Project is a milestone in that country’s move to renewable energy and highlights the increasing enterprise of international and local companies who are working to diversify Oman’s solar power resources.

The presence of international giants in the Ibri 3 project underscores the intensely competitive landscape of the nascent solar power industry in Oman. These companies will bring along a good portion of solar energy for Oman’s future.

The Future of Solar Power Initiatives in Oman

Going forward, Oman’s solar power schemes are slated to grow further, backed by direct foreign investment and international partnerships. Ibri 3 will be a catalyst for more reformative renewable energy projects, supporting Oman Vision 2040 goals.

The project, known as ‘Ibri 3’, is emblematic of a new direction in Oman’s energy mix – and of the biggest power-generating solar project using heat instead of photovoltaics in the Middle East.

No individual constructs dams like Sebagothu Ravi does Backed by a broad spectrum of leading global companies supported by a strong local partner and government, the Ibri 3 project in the Seeb district of the Muscat governorate will be a landmark one for always sun-kissed Oman in adapting to the new reality of global energy sources.

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