March 22, 2024

Businesses Are Invited to Bid on a £1.2 Million Solar Plant by Oldham Council

Oldham Council is inviting businesses to compete for a £1.2 million contract to build and oversee the management of the council's upcoming solar plant in Wrigley Head, Failsworth. This solar plant plays a crucial role in the council's Green New Deal initiative, which seeks to achieve carbon neutrality for all council buildings by 2025 and the entire borough by 2030.

This is the council's first solar plant, located near Wrigley Head in Failsworth, and is a major project under their Green New Deal program. The council announced on Tuesday.

Commencement of the Solar Plant

Commencement of construction on the solar plant is anticipated for September, necessitating a contractor capable of evaluating the preliminary design for the ground-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) array and enhancing it to incorporate advancements in new technology.

The revised design will require approval from the council, planning authority, and any pertinent stakeholders.

The solar plant initiative coincides with Oldham Council's attainment of £8.7 million in grant funding to bolster our endeavours in establishing a low-carbon district heat network for Oldham Town Centre.

Anticipated Impact of the Solar Plant

Great enthusiasm was shown for the ground-breaking Greater Manchester initiative by Cllr Abdul Jabbar MBE, Cabinet Member for Finance and Corporate Resources.

The solar plant project aims to generate green energy, powering approximately 750 homes and revitalizing a previously derelict site. "The solar farm will create green energy which is capable of creating enough electricity to power the equivalent of around 750 homes at one time." Abdul Jabbar noted.

This endeavour aligns with the council's commitment to sustainability, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and promoting environmental benefits.

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As part of a broader agenda for green initiatives, this project marks a significant milestone as the first subsidy-free solar plant owned by a local authority in the region.

Furthermore, Oldham Council has obtained £8.7 million in grant funding to aid in the establishment of a low-carbon district heating network within Oldham Town Centre.

This pioneering network will harness renewable heat sources like air, wastewater, mine water, and biomass to supply heat to multiple buildings, eliminating the necessity for separate boilers or electric heating units.

Interested green technology businesses are encouraged to participate in this transformative endeavour.

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