Used Solar Production Machines Ready For Sell

We also sell refurbished and used solar production machines. You can buy these solar production machines from us and start your own solar production business or increase the production capacity of your solar industry. 

The cost of production is heavily dependent on capital, raw materials, and equipment. The machinery or equipment used is in most cases, the biggest cost of establishing a solar panel production plant. To cut the costs of production machinery you can buy used solar production machines from our stock.

What Are Refurbished And Used Solar Production Machines?

Refurbished machines are used machines that have been restored to good working condition. Used machines are machines that have been previously owned and have been brought back to a near-new state. A refurb may have been returned by a customer, or used for a short period before being sent back to the manufacturer.

Refurbishing involves repairing or replacing worn or damaged parts, cleaning and testing the machine to ensure it meets the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Our Cheap Used Solar Production Machines In Stock

Our top quality refurbished and used solar production machines are ready to start producing solar modules and equipment. Watch the video and fill the form below to contact us. 

At the moment we have some used solar production machines at stock for:

  • SOLD Stringing: Used 5 BB stringer (Brand: Solar Watt, Germany)
  • SOLD Stringing: New stringer up to 12 BB (Brand: J. v. G. technology, Germany)
  • Lamination: Used double laminator, 80 MW (Brand: Meier, Germany) - Price: 420,000 € exWorks
  • Lamination: Used laminator, 4 panels (Brand: Meier, Germany) - Price: 49,500 € exWorks
  • Flashing: New LED flasher (Brand: J. v. G. technology, Germany) - Price: 29,500 € exWorks

All machines are on stock, no reservation possible, first comes first gets! Details of the machines please have a look on the videos below.

Used Double Laminator (Brand: Meier)

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Stringer New up to 12 BB (Brand: J. v. G.)

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Used Laminator, 4 panels (Brand: Meier)

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LED Flasher New (Brand: J. v. G. )

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