June 26, 2024

Clearvise AG Expands Italian Solar Capacity With Two Solar Projects

Clearvise AG, in cooperation with partners in Italy, is developing two additional solar parks with a combined capacity of 14.2 MWp on former quarry sites. The approval process is ongoing at nearby locations south of Rome, with construction and commissioning expected in 2025.

14.2 MWp Combined Solar Capacity

Clearvise AG, a leading independent power producer in the renewable energy sector with a varied portfolio of wind and solar plants across Europe, is moving forward with two additional projects under the ClearPartners development cooperation in Italy. Following the first project with a planned capacity of 16.1 MWp in Sardinia, two more solar parks with a combined planned capacity of 14.2 MWp are set to be developed approximately 15 km south of Rome in the Lazio region.

The two projects will be constructed just a few hundred meters apart on former gravel and sand quarries, repurposing the land to generate solar energy. Both solar parks are currently in the process of obtaining environmental and building approvals.

Clearvise anticipates beginning construction on a 7.6 MWp solar park in the first quarter of 2025, with commissioning expected approximately four months later, in the summer of 2025. The second project, with a planned capacity of 6.6 MWp, is scheduled to start construction about three months after the first and is also expected to take around four months to complete.

More Success Through Effective Collaboration

Utilizing its successful ClearPartners approach, Clearvise emphasizes close collaboration with all project participants to strategically expand its Italian portfolio and increase its share of Clearvise’s overall portfolio in the future.

Petra Leue-Bahns, CEO of Clearvise AG, remarked on the company's rapid progress since entering the Italian market earlier this year. She highlighted that, especially given the ongoing discussions about regulatory changes affecting solar areas eligible for approval, partnering on quarries and industrial areas has proven to be a wise decision. The collaborative project pipeline is expanding, with the aim to develop a portfolio in Italy with a current capacity of around 149 MWp.

“We have made significant progress since entering the Italian market at the beginning of the year. Particularly in view of the regulatory changes presently being debated about solar regions suitable for approval,” stated Leue-Bahns. “It is apparent that we have backed the right horse with our collaboration partner in quarries and industrial areas. The joint pipeline is growing. In total, we plan to jointly grow a portfolio in Italy with a current capacity of around 149 MWp.”


Previous Solar Projects

In April, Clearvise AG announced the signing of a purchase agreement for a solar park in Italy. The 16.1 MWp solar park, to be built on an industrial site in Sardinia, is already in advanced development stages, with construction expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2025.

The acquisition represents the first project realized from the ClearPartners development cooperation, which began in December 2023 and includes five projects with a total planned capacity of approximately 125 MWp. The development pipeline covers four of Italy’s seven electricity price zones, highlighting regional diversification. clearvise has the exclusive right to acquire 100% of the shares in each project.

Petra Leue-Bahns emphasized the importance of this milestone, highlighting that signing the purchase agreement for the project rights of their first Italian project marks a significant achievement for Clearvise. The company's entry into the Italian market is gaining momentum, with positive progress also seen in the development of the other four projects in the pipeline, supported by the experience of their cooperation partner.

Clearvise is strategically developing a diverse portfolio of onshore wind farms and solar parks in various regions. By capitalizing on Italy’s abundant solar radiation, the company aims to maximize electricity generation efficiency from its PV systems.

The successful expansion of the solar park portfolio supports Clearvise’s strategic goal of balancing production between wind and solar parks. Italy is set to become a stable core market, alongside Germany and France, in Clearvise’s expansion plans.

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