July 3, 2024

Egg Company Installs 370KWp Solar Project in England

Noble Foods, the UK's leading egg producer, has significantly increased its solar power generation at its flagship egg packing centre in Lincolnshire. The new 370KWp system boosts the site's total capacity to 520kWp, reducing its dependence on the National Grid.

Self-Generated Clean Energy

Noble Foods has significantly boosted its commitment to sustainable energy by expanding solar power generation at its primary egg-packing facility. The company’s latest initiative, undertaken by Noble Green Energy—a division within the Noble Foods Group—has culminated in the installation of a new 370KWp solar power system. This addition brings the total solar capacity of the site to an impressive 520kWp.

The newly installed solar system is set to make a substantial impact on the site’s energy consumption. With the enhanced capacity, the Lincolnshire facility will now be able to offset a significant portion of its reliance on the National Grid. On particularly sunny days, the entire energy load of the site can be powered by self-generated clean energy, which includes running a bank of electric car chargers for the staff.

Noble Green Energy’s managing director, Richard Wood, expressed immense pride in the achievement. “This is a huge achievement for our team and we’re incredibly proud to have collaborated with Noble Foods using our own-generated energy,” said Wood.

He highlighted the broader scope of their work, stating, “We’re pleased to be working with many different industries, from agricultural to manufacturing, helping our partners to find new solutions and adopt green energy into their existing infrastructure. Expanding the solar generation on our own doorstep is a great achievement for our team and a big milestone for the wider Noble Foods group.”

Generating Over 416,000 kWh Annually

The North Scarle solar installation is projected to generate over 416,000 kWh annually, which equates to a reduction of around 200 tonnes of carbon emissions, or the equivalent of saving 74,000 HGV road miles. This significant environmental benefit aligns with Noble Foods' broader sustainability goals and reflects its proactive steps towards achieving net-zero emissions.

A key feature of the new solar installation is an advanced monitoring platform that captures all generated and site electricity usage. This system is designed to identify areas where efficiencies can be further enhanced through operational adjustments. The energy generated is seamlessly distributed to points of demand via the site’s 11KV network. Additionally, export controls were installed in compliance with the industry standard ENA G100, ensuring the setup adheres to the National Grid’s connection agreement.

Liam Burke, managing director of Noble Consumer Foods, expressed his satisfaction with the project’s completion. “We’re thrilled with this new solar system which has been expertly installed on a site prone to flooding. All the energy generated will be consumed at time of generation ensuring we’re receiving the maximum benefit as our business takes further steps towards achieving our net-zero aims.”

Expanding Solar Power to Other Branches

Burke further noted the installation’s success has paved the way for future expansions of solar power within the company’s operations. “The success of this install has solidified our plans to roll out solar throughout our other suitable locations,” he said.

The expansion of solar power at Noble Foods’ Lincolnshire facility represents a significant step in the company’s sustainability journey. As businesses worldwide increasingly recognize the importance of green energy solutions, Noble Foods’ initiative is a noteworthy example of how agricultural and manufacturing sectors can integrate renewable energy into their operations.

Noble Foods has long been a leader in the egg production industry, and this latest development reinforces its commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation. By harnessing the power of the sun, the company is not only reducing its carbon footprint but also setting a benchmark for sustainability in the industry.

As Noble Foods continues to explore and implement renewable energy solutions, it serves as an inspiring model for other companies aiming to achieve similar environmental and operational benefits. The successful integration of solar power at the Lincolnshire site is a testament to the company’s dedication to sustainable practices and its forward-thinking approach to energy management.

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