March 25, 2024

France Closes the C&I Rooftop Photovoltaic Tender, With an Average Cost of €0.1021/Kwh

The commercial and industrial (C&I) rooftop photovoltaic project bidding procedure has been completed by the French government. 42 developers secured 362.2 MW of solar capacity at an average cost of €0.1021/kWh.

The Final Round of the Rooftop Photovoltaic Bidding

The sixth round of bidding for C&I rooftop photovoltaic systems was finalised recently, and sixty developers were declared the winners, according to the French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition. The rooftop PV systems have capacities that are more than 500kW.

The developers obtained 362.2 MW of solar power from the authorities with a final average cost of €0.1021/kWh. In today’s report, PV Magazine stated that this is the final round of the bidding processes which started in 2021.

The Winners

This round was led by TotalEnergies, a multinational utility-scale solar developer. The French company secured 80.1 MW of power or 22% of the entire bid. Urbasolar, another French developer of solar projects, came far behind with 30.1 MW, or 8% of the total bid. Finergreen, a French consulting firm, reported.

The Sun'R-RGreen partnership, a developing solar energy developer, secured 26.2 MW, and Reden Solar, an independent photovoltaic energy producer, secured 19.7 MW, following them.

The other developers that were chosen were the French renewable energy producer Neoen (14.4 MWp), the renewable energy producer Akuo (18.2 MW), and the independent green electricity producer Solveo Energies (13.9 MW).

Contracts above 5 MW were given to 42 developers overall, while contracts below that amount were given to 23 others. Finergreen provided information. 

Previous Rounds

At an average final price of €0.10195/kWh, the French authorities awarded 60 firms 378 MW of solar in the fifth bidding round, which concluded in late August 2023.

The government only allotted 57.6 MW in total for 16 projects in the fourth exercise, with an average final cost of €0.10452/kWh. The third tender had an allotted capacity of 89.9 MW and a final average price per kWh of €0.090951.

The allocated electricity in the second tender was 122 MW, and the average final price per kWh was €0.08257. At an average final price of €0.08312/kWh, the French government distributed 157MW of solar power among 52 projects during the first bidding.

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