May 13, 2024

Huawei Introduces Solar Solutions to Kano

Huawei, a global leader in digital power solutions, unveiled its range of smart solar products in Kano, Nigeria, during a vast product launch. These products are intended to power businesses, residences, and industrial buildings.

Nigeria in Dire Need of Solar Power Solutions

During the unveiling of the smart solar products FusionSolar in Kano, Ni Zhilin, the director of Huawei Digital Power Nigeria, emphasized that renewable energy represents the sustainable and intelligent energy option for Nigeria. He noted that renewable energy is increasingly becoming a primary energy source globally.

Zhilin, acknowledging Nigeria's status as the primary importer of generators, highlighted the urgency of adopting solar energy solutions amidst recent escalations in electricity tariffs and diesel prices, which surged from N280 per litre in 2022 to N1300 in 2024. Leadership News reported.

He emphasised the unsustainability of the current approach and advocated for a shift towards solar energy. In alignment with this perspective, Mohammed Bello Umar, Chairman of the Manufacturing Association of Nigeria (MAN) in the Bompai/Jigawa Branch, expressed concerns about the adverse effects of energy challenges on the manufacturing sector in Nigeria.

The chairman highlighted the negative impact of rising or unstable energy costs on manufacturing, leading to increased production expenses and ultimately higher prices for goods. He also cited operational disruptions, supply chain challenges due to energy shortages, reduced market competitiveness, and limited investment opportunities as further consequences of energy challenges in the manufacturing sector.

"To overcome these challenges, it is essential to employ a combination of strategies, including investing in energy-efficient technologies, diversifying energy sources, optimizing energy supply chains for reliability, and advocating for supportive energy policies," he emphasized.

MAN Collaborates With Huawei

Discussing MAN's initiatives towards sustainable energy solutions using cost-effective smart technologies, Mr Oweh Mba-Sam, the Acting Managing Director of Manufacturers Power Development Co. Ltd, highlighted their collaboration with Huawei for smart solar solutions to address energy challenges. He emphasized that MAN opted to partner with Huawei due to its position as the world's largest exporter of PV inverters and battery storage systems, ensuring efficient delivery and cost-saving solutions.

Mr Mba-Sam praised Huawei as a reliable brand with seamless sales and installation processes, supported by capable project development partners and operational and maintenance services, which instil confidence in customers.

Furthermore, Huawei Digital Power Nigeria's Solution Manager, Jeremiah Ejiroghene Aminode, revealed that Huawei's smart solar products were currently providing power to more than 2.7 million households globally. Aminode highlighted that Huawei's smart inverters and batteries come with warranties ranging from 5 to 10 years, offering capacities as high as 2MWh for industrial and commercial applications and as low as 5KWh for residential properties.

Huawei’s Role in Nigeria’s Largest Solar Farm

When discussing the advantages of Huawei solar products, he stated that "it is aesthetically pleasing, incredibly safe and reliable, and has 24/7 after-sales assurance."

Huawei supports installer training and certification to ensure efficient product deployment. They offer on-site and online training, technical support, and certification exams. Nick Lusson introduced Huawei's Power-S, a modular power backup solution, highlighting its seamless functionality and easy maintenance. The system allows for quick switching between energy sources and integrates new and old batteries without performance loss. Its modular design and pre-integrated cables streamline installation, saving time and effort.

Huawei Smart PV has contributed to significant projects, including the Abuja Steel PV plant developed by Paras Energy, the largest Solar Farm in Nigeria providing eco-friendly electricity to the Steel Industry. Additionally, Huawei Smart PV played a key role in the World's Largest Micro-grid BESS Project located in the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia. This grid features a capacity of 400MW PV + 1300MWh BESS and operates entirely on renewable energy sources.

Huawei's launch of smart solar solutions in Kano, Nigeria, seeks to tackle energy challenges, boost competitiveness, and promote the development of renewable energy infrastructure, reflecting a commitment to sustainable energy solutions in the region.

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