June 5, 2024

Lagos Community Gets New Solar-Powered Borehole

LG Electronics donated a solar-powered borehole to the Abule Osun community in Lagos, Nigeria, demonstrating its commitment to clean water access. The system can pump 40 cubic meters of water daily from 120 meters deep, ensuring safe drinking water for residents and improving their daily lives.

Promoting Better Health and Well-being Through Solar-Powered Borehole

LG Electronics has donated a solar-powered borehole to the Abule Osun community in Lagos, Nigeria, showcasing its dedication to providing clean drinking water solutions. This initiative, the second of its kind in Nigeria, features a solar water pumping system capable of reaching 120 meters deep and pumping approximately 40 cubic meters of water per day, along with advanced treatment technology for safe drinking water. Additionally, a 3000-litre tank ensures a round-the-clock water supply, significantly enhancing the quality of life for Abule Osun residents.

According to Business Africa Online, the solar-powered borehole is a crucial endeavour aimed at providing the community with clean drinking water, reflecting LG Electronics’ strong commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Utilising solar energy, this borehole guarantees access to safe water and helps prevent the spread of waterborne diseases, promoting better health and well-being. LG Electronics' dedication to this initiative represents a significant stride towards building a healthier and more sustainable future for everyone involved.

Another Solar-powered Borehole at Abuja

Mr Hyoung Sub Ji, Managing Director of LG Electronics, expressed pride in supporting the development of the Abule Osun community, emphasizing the importance of clean water access as a fundamental human right. LG Electronics has already provided a solar-powered borehole to a community in Abuja and is now extending this support to Abule Osun, with plans to assist more communities in Lagos and across Nigeria by the end of the year.

Gratitude was extended to distributor Fouani Nigeria Limited, as well as Youth and Community Leaders, for their support in this endeavour, with the hope that the borehole will not only bring happiness but also improve health and drive economic development for future generations.

According to Mr. Mohammed Fouani (Jnr), Fouani Nigeria Limited Factory Manager, the donation of the solar-powered borehole is a significant part of LG Electronics' ongoing efforts to support sustainable development and improve the welfare of Nigerians. This act exemplifies LG Electronics' enduring commitment to corporate social responsibility and its aim to make a positive impact on the environment and society by providing clean water access through solar-powered technology, thereby enhancing the quality of life for Nigerians.

At the ceremony, Mr Hyoung Ji Sub, Managing Director of LG Electronics Nigeria, officially inaugurated the borehole alongside Mr Mohammed S. Fouani, Manager of Fouani Factory, Mr. Hari Elluru, Head of Corporate Marketing at LG Electronics, and Prince Kasali Abiodun, Chairman of the Road Transport Employees Association of Nigeria and Youth Leader of Abule Osun.

Community Supports the Solar Project

Community leaders, landlords, and association members expressed their appreciation for the donation, recognizing its significance in improving residents' access to clean water and promoting health and vitality in the community.

Prince Kasali Abiodun, Chairman of the Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria RTEAN Abule Osun, expressed gratitude, stating that they had assembled to honour health and vitality. He emphasized the crucial role of clean water in improving daily lives and ensuring the well-being of families. This recognition highlights the vital role of clean water in promoting healthier lifestyles and fostering resilient communities.

Over 70 individuals attended the event, including officials from the Road Transport Employees Association of Nigeria, members of the Landlord Association of Abule Osun, and esteemed Community Leaders. The diverse attendees from various sectors enriched the discussions, showcasing collaboration and unity in addressing common challenges and advancing shared community goals.

LG Electronics' donation of a solar-powered borehole to Abule Osun significantly enhances access to clean water and promotes public health, reflecting its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Supported by community leaders, this initiative demonstrates the positive impact of renewable energy solutions in improving the quality of life for residents.

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