May 7, 2024

Poole Hospital Progresses Towards Reaching Net Zero

University Hospitals Dorset is edging closer to its goal of achieving net zero emissions by partnering with Centrica Business Solutions and Aztec Solar Energy to carry out the design and installation of its first solar photovoltaic (PV) system at Poole Hospital in Dorset.

Solar Project to Generate 200,000 kWh Annually

The project entails installing 470 PV panels, five SolarEdge inverters, and 261 optimizers across five interconnected roofs on a single building. Projections indicate that the system will generate approximately 200,000 kWh annually, resulting in an estimated reduction of around 50 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Centrica Business Solutions announced.

Following the installation of panels, inverters, and other necessary equipment over the preceding weeks, Aztec Solar will swiftly connect, commission, and test the new solar PV system within just two days.

Phil Bryant, Head of Public Sector Sales at Centrica Business Solutions, praised Aztec Solar as a valuable addition to their energy partner program. Given Aztec Solar's track record in the health sector and its proficiency in installing solar PV systems on commercial structures, they were the perfect choice for the Poole Hospital project.

"Aztec Solar is a great addition to our energy partner programme and they were the perfect company to partner with for the execution of the project at Poole Hospital given their expertise in the health sector and their proficiency in deploying solar PV systems on commercial buildings," Bryant remarked.

Bryant noted a growing interest from public sector and commercial entities in utilizing rooftop space for solar initiatives. This trend offers cost predictability and a renewable energy source, aligning with organizations' long-term sustainability goals.

Offsetting 50 Tonnes of CO2 Emissions Annually

Stuart Lane, Sustainability and Carbon Manager at University Hospitals Dorset NHS Trust, expressed satisfaction with the successful project completions alongside Centrica Business Solutions and Aztec, despite overcoming site limitations and height access obstacles.

"We are delighted to announce successful project completions with Centrica Business Solutions and Aztec, overcoming site constraints and height access challenges," stated Stuart Lane.

The implementation of a new roof-mounted photovoltaic system signifies a significant step towards fulfilling the organization's net zero carbon objectives. Once finalized, this installation is anticipated to produce around 200,000 kWh of electricity, meeting approximately 5% of Poole Hospital’s energy requirements and offsetting roughly 50 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

According to Stuart, “As part of our efforts to meet our net zero carbon goals, we are installing a new photovoltaic system that is located on the roof. After installation is complete, it should produce about 200,000 kWh of electricity, or about 5% of Poole Hospital's total power use, and offset about 50 tonnes of CO2 annually.”

Solar Panels Well-positioned Across the Hospital Building

The solar panel arrays are strategically positioned atop the Phillip Arnold blocks and the Dorset Cancer Centre, underscoring the trust's commitment to integrating solar energy into its decarbonization efforts while improving healthcare amenities and services for the local community.

“Above the Phillip Arnold blocks and the Dorset Cancer Centre are the solar panel arrays. As we decarbonise our estate and improve healthcare facilities and services for our community, this relationship demonstrates our dedication to embracing solar energy,” Stuart remarked.

Chris Cowling, Aztec Solar's commercial director, highlighted the significance of joining forces with Centrica Business Solutions for their business's expansion in developing and implementing commercial solar PV systems.

“We have offered solutions for numerous healthcare facilities, including Poole Hospital, so we are aware of how critical it is to collaborate closely with Centrica Business Solutions to reduce the impact of our installation and the electricity outage on patient safety and medical equipment,” Cowling added.

Poole Hospital's partnership with Centrica Business Solutions and Aztec Solar Energy marks a significant stride towards achieving net zero emissions. This collaborative effort showcases the potential for utilizing rooftop space for solar initiatives, paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future in the healthcare sector.

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