June 12, 2024

Scatec Expands its Solar Capacity in Cameroon to 64.4 MW

Scatec has signed two new lease agreements with Cameroon's national electricity company, ENEO, to expand its solar and battery storage power plants. These expansions will add 28.6 MW of solar power and 19.2 MWh of storage, bringing the total capacity to 64.4 MW of solar power and 38.2 MWh of battery storage.

Adding 28.6 MW Capacity of Solar Power

Scatec's Release initiative, known for its adaptable solar panel and battery solutions, commenced operations in Cameroon with the completion of solar plants in Maroua and Guider in September 2023. Now, with additional funding secured from Climate Fund Managers, it's set to expand further, adding 28.6 MW of solar power and 19.2 MWh of battery storage.

Facilitated by straightforward leasing agreements, these projects build on the success of the initial installations and strengthen Scatec's partnership with ENEO, Cameroon's national electricity provider. This expansion will increase the total solar capacity to 64.4 MW, with 38.2 MWh of storage, marking a significant move towards reliable, carbon-free energy in the region, initially developed in collaboration with Izuba Energy and Sphinx Energy.

ENEO Cameroon expresses confidence in Release by Scatec to double the solar power plants' capacity in Guider and Maroua. This expansion aims to bolster power generation in the Northern regions, enhancing service quality for households and industries. This move aligns with Eneo's commitment to improving Cameroon's power supply sustainably.

"ENEO Cameroon has renewed its confidence in its Scatec partner Release to double the capacity of the solar power plants in Guider and Maroua." This decision will allow Eneo to increase the security of power generation in the Northern areas while also increasing service quality for consumers and the industrial sector,” According to Amine Homman Ludiye, CEO of ENEO Cameroon. “This new step towards more reliable and carbon-free energy is part of Eneo's strategy, which is crucial to its ongoing efforts, under the auspices of the Government of Cameroon, to sustainably improve on Cameroon's power supply.”

Blueprint for Affordable Clean Energy

Hans Olav Kvalvaag, CEO of Release, emphasizes that the expansion demonstrates the success of their initial projects and the advantages of their innovative solutions. By increasing their capacity in Cameroon, they are reinforcing their partnership with ENEO and their dedication to Cameroon as a crucial market.

“This extension demonstrates the success of the previous projects and the advantages provided by our creative solution. By extending the installed capacity in the country, we confirm our relationship with ENEO and commitment to Cameroon as a major market for our solutions,” Kvalvaag remarked.

Additionally, Kvalvaag notes that besides enhancing electricity supply and reducing costs and CO2 emissions, their leasing agreements with ENEO serve as a blueprint for providing affordable clean energy in the region. With ample funding available, they anticipate initiating more projects from their pipeline soon. 

Catering for 200,000 Cameroonian Households’ Energy Needs

According to a report on the company's website, once the project extensions are finished, Release's initiatives are estimated by ENEO to provide electricity to around 200,000 households in Cameroon, generating approximately 141.5 GWh of electricity annually. Alongside its storage capacity, the installations will ensure a steady electricity supply, even during peak hours.

The partnership with Scatec has already eliminated blackouts in northern Cameroon. H.E. Gaston Eloundou Essomba, Minister of Water and Energy, Republic of Cameroon, indicated that this new project intends to further reduce diesel dependency and save the government millions in fuel costs.

“Our effective collaboration with Release by Scatec has significantly benefited the local population in northern Cameroon by reducing outages. This new project will further reduce our reliance on diesel and save the government millions in fuel costs,” Essomba stated.

Scatec's expansion of its solar capacity to 64.4 MW in Cameroon will deliver stable, cost-effective electricity to around 200,000 households, significantly enhancing the region's energy infrastructure. This initiative, supported by ENEO and Climate Fund Managers, aims to reduce diesel reliance and promote sustainable, reliable energy.

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