July 4, 2024

Solar Firm Launches New Solar Panels at Abuja

UBACLE Group, a top renewable energy firm, showcased its new solar panels at the Nigeria Oil and Gas Conference in the Federal Capital Territory, attracting industry leaders worldwide.

Combating Climate Change and Global Warming

In a significant move towards promoting renewable energy in Nigeria, UBACLE Group, a leading renewable energy firm, unveiled its innovative range of solar panels at the Nigeria Oil and Gas Conference. The event, held in the Federal Capital Territory, drew major industry stakeholders and leaders from across the globe.

During the unveiling, UBACLE Group CEO, Uba Michael, emphasised the urgent need for alternative energy sources to combat climate change and global warming. "We are unveiling a range of solar panels today to give users alternative energy sources,"

Michael stated. "This is in collaboration with our partners from China who understand our line of thinking and see the need to partner with us on the drive."

Michael highlighted the environmental benefits of solar panels, noting their potential to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. "Aside from being alternative energy sources, our solar panels promote a cleaner and safer environment compared to what you get from fossil fuels," he said. "It is also our way of contributing to the growth of the economy as this will lead to the creation of jobs for direct and indirect employees."

He continued by stressing the global urgency of adopting renewable energy. "The world is moving quickly and we hear warnings about climate change and global warming almost on a daily basis. The adoption of renewable energy is a necessity in this time and age," he stated.

The event was attended by notable figures including Dr. Olusoji Adeniyi, Prince Oluseyi Lufadeju, and AVM Adeagulu Cletus, who all expressed their support for the initiative.

Committing to Renewable Energy

The Nigeria Oil and Gas Conference, held between June 30 and July 4, is a premier event that brings together key players and stakeholders in the industry. UBACLE Group's participation underscores its commitment to driving the renewable energy agenda within the oil and gas sector.

UBACLE Group showcased its diverse business interests in energy, mining, and real estate at the conference. The firm's active participation was a strategic move to engage with other industry leaders and stakeholders.

Uba Michael elaborated on the group's objectives at the conference, stating, "It would be an opportunity to meet new people, share ideas, and close new business deals. We also want to be part of the agenda setting for the sector moving forward."

Michael reiterated the importance of the oil and gas sector to Nigeria's economy and the potential benefits of getting it right. "The Oil and Gas sector is a key driver of the Nigerian economy, and if we get it right it would be for the good of the nation," he said.

The conference was a hub for thought-provoking discussions, engaging sessions, and numerous deal-making opportunities. It featured a series of panel sessions where top dignitaries within and outside the sector spoke and shared their insights on the future of the industry.

Collaboration With Chinese Partners

UBACLE Group's involvement in the conference was not only a testament to its leadership in the renewable energy sector but also its commitment to sustainable development and economic growth in Nigeria. The firm's collaboration with Chinese partners further highlighted the global nature of the renewable energy movement and the shared commitment to a cleaner, greener future.

As the conference progressed, all eyes were on UBACLE Group and its new range of solar panels, which were poised to significantly impact Nigeria's energy landscape. The firm's vision for a sustainable future aligned with global trends and the increasing demand for clean energy solutions.

UBACLE Group's unveiling of solar panels at the Nigeria Oil and Gas Conference marks a pivotal moment in Nigeria's energy sector. It underscores the urgent need for renewable energy adoption and the role of innovative solutions in driving economic growth and environmental sustainability.

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