May 11, 2024

Belzona Installs 762 Rooftop Solar Panels

Belzona, a Harrogate-based firm specializing in polymeric repair and protection systems, has taken a significant step towards a more sustainable future by installing 762 solar panels on the roofs of both of its buildings located on Claro Road.

Solar Power Sufficient More Than 100 Homes

The solar panels, spanning 1,486 square meters, are projected to produce more than 300,000 kWh of electricity each year. To put this into context, Ofgem, the energy regulator for Great Britain, states that the typical UK household consumes 2,700 kWh of electricity annually, which is sufficient to power 111 homes for a year. Belzona enlisted the locally based contractor R&B Mechanical & Electrical Ltd for the installation of the panels.

Helen Parris, QSHE Manager and head of Belzona’s Environmental Committee, emphasized the company's long-standing commitment to reducing its environmental impact. She highlighted that while they are still advancing towards achieving net zero, the installation of the solar panels represents a notable step forward.

"We've been dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint for several years. While we're still progressing on our path to achieving net zero, the installation of these solar panels marks a significant stride forward,” Parris expressed.

100% Reliance on Renewable Energy

According to Harrogate Informer, the company estimated that the solar panels would offset their entire lifecycle energy consumption within a few years.

Designed to maintain efficiency over their 20-year lifespan, the panels aim to produce a minimum of 6 million kWh of power and are anticipated to continue converting solar energy into usable electricity for an extended period thereafter.

Belzona sees this initiative as a demonstration of its commitment to both its site and environmental objectives.

Additionally, last year, Belzona renewed its contract with its renewable electricity provider, ensuring that all remaining energy needs of the site are fulfilled from sustainable sources. Consequently, Belzona's entire electricity consumption now originates from renewable energy.

Belzona refrained from disclosing the installation cost but acknowledged it as a substantial investment when queried by the Stray Ferret.

University of York’s £1.5 million Solar Farm Completed

In a similar development, Siemens has completed a solar farm as part of a £1.5 million project aimed at enhancing the University of York’s research capabilities. The farm, generating 200kWp, will support the university’s Institute for Safe Autonomy, facilitating research on robotic and autonomous systems for solar array inspection and maintenance.

Funded by the UK Research Partnership Investment Fund, the farm will serve as a 'living lab' and provide 80% of the institute’s energy needs, making it energy neutral by 2025. Siemens provided consultancy and support in designing and optimizing the arrays, setting up data collection systems, with installation by LYNX Sustainable Solutions.

Spanning 1400 square meters, the solar farm includes various panel configurations, integrating solar panels into the Institute's building structure. Professor Miles Elsden, who heads the Institute for Safe Autonomy, highlighted the importance of integrating robotics and renewable energy for a sustainable future.

He stressed that integrating these technologies with renewable energy production is crucial for achieving net zero emissions. He also highlighted the significance of the research project as a milestone for the Institute and reaffirmed the university's dedication to sustainable energy sourcing.

Belzona's installation of 762 rooftop solar panels reflects its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Similarly, Siemens' completion of a solar farm for the University of York underscores the importance of integrating renewable energy with cutting-edge research in robotics and autonomous systems. These initiatives highlight the collective efforts towards a more sustainable future.

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