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Lesson 1

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  • Interest in big solar module plant . But a blue print is needed for safe running.

  • I want more details for the Business Plan. I am interested in the 1200 MW Production Solar line.

  • I’m interested in the 1200MW Production solar line and details business plan

  • Hello, How can I trust your company that you are not dubious because I don’t want to be duped , and if we buy how can we assemble it , I’m in Nigeria how can I receive the materials without any problem or complain , further more , what are the prices , and it will get to how many days or months before getting to final destination. Thanks very much for my understanding.

    • I can not tell you if you want to trust us or not. You can ask us for an offer and come for a visit if this offer matches to our demands. Also we can talk about payment terms and – if you cover the costs – we can agree to Letter of Credit payment. If you are interested, please make a request here:

  • greeting from Comoros ! i m interested with your offer and let me know more détailles about the installation les than 1.2 GW , the période of delivery……warranty. many thanks

  • It was wonderful lesson,I really enjoyed it and I learnt so about solar production,

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