Lesson 1: The perfect Size of Your Solar Module Production Line

Lesson 1

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How to Find the Right Size for Your Solar Production

At the beginning you have to define the maximum budget for you solar module production line. After defining the budget you can define the maximum size you can get for the amount of money.

Therefor we will now make some examples for some production lines and some sizes with prices.

ATTENTION 1: The prices are only estimations and some figures for you to get an idea about the total costs. Of course there are a lot of variations so the prices can variate a lot...

ATTENTION 2: The prices are for the machines only! It does not include material financing, building and other costs

ATTENTION 3: We will make a complete overview about all the costs of the different sizes including building and financing of the materials in lesson no. 3!

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What Size of the Production Line?

The smallest size that makes sense will be a 5 MW production.

5 MW means, that all the panels you can produce in one year will be a power of total 5 MW (5 million watt = 5.000.000 Watt).

It is a good idea if you want to start in the business and learn about the solar module production.

The biggest size we ever made was 600 MW which is quite a big installation for the beginning.

Below now we will talk about 3 possible sizes for your solar module production line:

Example 1: 5 MW Production Line

5 MW is a very small line with low invest and low risk. It is perfect if you are going to start and you just want to see if it is a good idea for you to start in the solar module production.

Advantages / disadvantages of a 5 MW line:
  • Good for: Making tests, producing special solar modules
  • Learn about solar: Learn how to produce panels, get into the process
  • Low risk: Low invest (about 120.000 Dollar) and therefor low risk to loose money
  • Low profit: With the small size and the small output 

Example 2: 30 MW Production Line

30 MW is a professional line with a reasonable size. This is not a line "only for learning". The invest will depend on the automatization of the line and the quality and will be in a range of about 500.000 Dollar and 2.000.000 Dollar.

Advantages / disadvantages of a 30 MW line:
  • Good for: Starting a real, professional production on a high level
  • Medium risk: Medium invest in machines (about 1.000.000 Dollar) and therefor medium risk
  • Medium profit: Big enough to make a good running profitable business

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Example 3: 100 MW Production Line

With 100 MW you are at the top of the production lines and you will be able to compete even with the very big producers in the world market. The invest in the machines only will be more than 1.000.000 Dollar and can be 8.000.000 Dollars as well. The total amount for the machines will depend on the automatizations (workers or robots) and the quality (Made in China or Made in Germany).

Advantages / disadvantages of a 100 MW line:
  • Good for: Starting a real, professional production on a very high level where you can compete with the world market.
  • High profit: Big enough to produce for big projects and to compete with the world market
  • High risk: High invest in machines (about 3.000.000 Dollar)

Quality of the Solar Modules

With 100 MW you are at the top of the production lines and you will be able to compete even with the very big producers in the world market. The invest in the machines only will be more than 1.000.000 Dollar and can be 8.000.000 Dollars as well. The total amount for the machines will depend on the automatizations (workers or robots) and the quality (Made in China or Made in Germany).

Advantages / disadvantages of a 100 MW line:

With the size of the solar module production line also the quality is changing.

For example if you have a 5 MW line you have to make most of the work manual:

  • Manual soldering of the cells
  • Manual layup of the strings on the glass
  • Manual loading and unloading of laminator
  • And other manual stations

With a 100 MW line it will make sense to make automations in the most critical parts, for example:

  • Fully automated stringer for soldering
  • Automated layup of the strings onto the glass
  • Fully automated laminator with automated loading and unloading

Besides with a 100 MW line you will be able (and it will be profitable) to invest in testing equipment like:

  • EL testing machine
  • String tester
  • Optical cell tester (inside the stringer)
  • And a lot more!

This automatization and test equipment will give you a much higher reliability in the quality.

Together with other scale effects (you will be able to higher a quality manager with a bigger size of the line) the quality of a bigger line in AVERAGE will be better than with a very small line!

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PDF file

PDF version of the board that is featured in this video

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    • Hi, thanks for your question. We are mainly a service and machinery provider for solar module production machines. We are not making projects for small solar installations. So if you plan to produce panels in your country then we are the right partner. If you search for partners to install solar water pumps, then you are not at the right partner here.

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