March 21, 2024

Encavis Begins Construction on a 114MW Solar Farm in Germany

In Germany, there is a notable advancement in solar energy production, marked by a collaboration between Encavis, a wind and solar park operator, and Belectric, an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company. Together, they are constructing a 114MW solar farm in Borrentin, Northern Germany.

Kick-off of the Project

On Tuesday, the facility's site hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for the project, which is Encavis's largest solar farm in Germany. Encavis stated in a press release on Wednesday.

Peter Rabe, the mayor of Borrentin, together with members of the press and community, were present at the ceremony along with directors of Encavis, Belectric, and other project partners.

Mario Schirru, CIO/COO of Encavis expressed his delight at the kick-off of the project which upon completion will increase the company’s generation capacity to 677MW. "We appreciate the excellent cooperation with Belectric, which brings us a significant step forward on the way to reaching the 7 GW generation capacity ambition in Europe by 2027", he said.

Scope and Capacity of the Solar Farm

The solar farm will have over 200,000 modules spread across an area the size of 135 football fields. The project's intended 114 MW of capacity will increase the linked generation capacity in Encavis's home market to 677 MW. When it is operational, the project is anticipated to provide 119 GWh of renewable power annually.

The average soil rating value of the site where the Borrentin solar farm will be built is 27.26, which indicates comparatively low agricultural production. As such, there is no conflict between this property parcel and agricultural use. Ratings of 40 or higher indicate that the soil is suitable for agriculture, whereas ratings of 60 or higher indicate very excellent quality.

It is anticipated that the solar farm will begin providing green electricity for Allego, a prominent electric vehicle charging network throughout Europe, in September 2024. A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) covering ten years governs the electricity supply to Allego.

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Developers of the Project

Encavis, the solar farm's owner and largest stakeholder, is a significant actor in the generation of renewable energy, specialising in onshore wind farms and solar parks spread throughout twelve European nations. It will supply the project's funding.

In collaboration with Stern Energy, a specialized supplier of technical services, Belectric, a well-known EPC service provider with expertise in the planning, building, and management of solar power plants in Europe, will oversee the solar farm project's operation and maintenance. services for the installation, operation, maintenance, revamping and repowering of photovoltaic systems across Europe.

Solar Investment Opportunities in Germany

Germany's focus on transitioning to a low-carbon economy emphasizes the development of solar power plants, wind farms, and emerging geothermal technologies due to its abundant natural resources. Although not leading in absolute installed capacity, Germany excels in specific renewable energy sectors such as wind energy and solar photovoltaics.

The country's commitment to renewables is evident through incentives like feed-in tariffs, contributing to job growth, positioning Germany as a European leader in clean energy and sustainable technologies, driving investments and combating climate change.

The government has also established goals, with 65% and 80% of the energy mix coming from renewable sources by 2030 and 2050, respectively. The foundation of the energy security and sustainability of the biggest economy in Europe, wind and solar power, account for the majority of the growth in renewable energy investment in Germany.

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